Oct 242012

I sometimes see what is happening in politics and scratch my head.

Richard Pan is the Manchurian Assemblyman – barely able to finish a sentence in public, in fact sheltered in his campaign against Andy Pugno in 2010 and propelled in to office by $5 million. It has been well established that you don’t have to be able to put a sentence together to serve in the Assembly.

Richard Pan has a history of living off of government – being a part of the first five commission, a $700 million a year grab bag of pork and tax money. The first five tax was funded by taxing tobacco (aka the poor) to fund government-run daycare etc.

Richard Pan is a pediatrician and has established himself in the legislature as a friend of that industry – not in regards to dealing with lawsuits – but rather carrying bills to benefit himself and that small constituency.

Richard Pan ran his entire campaign against Andy Pugno on the Abortion Issue – Richard Pan the Assemblymember has done absolutely nothing to create jobs or deal with the train-wreck budgets that we have in California. Rather – he has been a loyal servant of leadership (when he is not writing bills to benefit himself).

Pan like any self-respecting extremist is a denizen of nanny government and has a track record of sponsoring legislation that imposes government in people’s lives. This is the sort of orwellian stuff you would expect from a liberal doctor whose entire campaign was based on Abortion.

Richard Pan also appears to enjoy the perks of office – making him no different than anyone else that gets criticized for being a fat cat politician.

Antonio “Tony” Amador is the solution to Richard Pan. Pan has gotten way too comfortable way too soon in office and we will be explaining why.

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