May 252012

This candidate forum was run by the Amador County Bar Association.

Once again, the Moderator was the issue. He decided after a few early questions attacking Jeff Seaton’s opponent to enforce a strict one-minute rule. This meant that boisterous Jeff Seaton supporters were allowed to shout down parts of questions being asked. And, again – the moderator allowed Jeff Seaton to pick the questions he answered.

You’d think that Jeff Seaton would have been able to score points with another venue like this. He didn’t – in fact, he horrific oratory skills and unclear answers likely cost him votes again.

Jeff Seaton’s opponent was even able to turn about a planted question about Military service. (Keep in mind – Seaton’s opponent lost the use of an arm in a teenage motorcycle accident)

The room was divided down the middle with Jeff Seaton supporters on one side and his opponent’s supporters on the other side. The supporters of his opponent included business people, most of whom were wearing suits.

The other side consisted of the families of convicts, a bunch of people from a motorcycle club that Seaton is part of and a group from the local American Legion ( my apologies to the VFW as most of whom support Seaton’s opponent.) (Also note that Seaton hasn’t given a dime to any charity by his own admission).

Several members of the families of convicts asked whiny personal questions of Jeff Seaton’s opponent – they got their questions answered completely. When Jeff Seaton answered questions (what few he did get) his answers were circumspect and sometimes the logic was circular.

Here are some key notes:

When asked about his on-again and off-again use of pain meds and “when did you perjure yourself in court” (because Jeff Seaton claimed to be on meds at the beginning of the trial and when he cut and ran 2/14 at the end claimed he never was and then on 3/20 claimed his income went down because of illness) – his answer was something like “we’ve all been sick at one time or another – you know how it is?”.

Yes, Jeff. But, I never perjured myself in court talking about it.

When asked about his financial train wreck, he claimed he could not answer the question because the case was ongoing.

When later asked about his financial train wreck and reminded that the case was indeed closed – some of his supporters shouted down the asker of the question allowing Seaton to escape answering once again.

When a question came up about the constitution and the role and expectations of a DA vs a Defense Attorney – Jeff Seaton could not answer the question worth a plug nickel – however, his opponent received applause from everyone in the room.

The last key moment occurred when the subject of the Amador County Republican Party was brought up. There was raucous laughter and the moderator had to quiet people down.

Jeff Seaton hurt his cause again – he should have stayed home.

  5 Responses to “Summary of Candidate Forum #2 Jeff Seaton loses again”

  1. As you so skillfully have pointed out, the Amador Republican Party is a joke, though hardly funny. Thanks for the update and be sure to check out today’s Ledger which totally ignores the subject of this race for judge. The top news story is that a local signmaker gets to dry his signs outside his shop.

  2. Given what Jack Mitchell chose to print last week, I’m surprised that not a single response was printed this week.
    Further, I’m very surprised that there has been no coverage by the Ledger Dispatch of either forum.
    I suspect that it’s easier to make up the story so that it slants in your candidates direction.
    If you simply ignore the debates, you’re not faced with having to print what a moron you’ve hitched your wagon to.
    Looking at the bright side, The Amador Repunlican Party can put on a production of the Wizard of Oz. Lois can play Dorothy, Jeff Seaton can play the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, and DarHum can be the wicked witch. Who do you think is the man behind the curtain with absolutely no powers?
    I don’t want to give it away, but his initials are Arnie Zeiderman.

  3. As the Ledger has closed comments I am hoping to use your blog as an avenue to get my letter the Amador County Voters.

    Mr. Mitchell, I have a headline for you, “Amador Superior Court Candidate Throws Temper Tantrum and Belittle Audience Members in Public Forum,” This, I am sure, will catch the attention of a broader range of readers than your last failed article. You see Mr. Mitchell; readers of the Ledger want to read about truths and facts not bias opinions and hearsay.
    Let me give you some facts. Last night I attended a forum hosted by the ACBA. Both Mr. Hermanson and Mr. Seaton were held to answer an onslaught of questions. Most of which were of their character and moral turpitude. Mr. Hermanson prevailed in this arena by showing his professionalism and ethics. Not once did he attack or attempt to slander the question seeker, in order to deter the audience away from the questions being asked, but eloquently explained his reasoning behind his actions. Mr. Hermanson was in true form when he discussed the future of Amador County, his commitment to the community and plans for the future betterment and safety of the county he proudly calls home.
    Mr. Seaton did not fair so well. Unless otherwise, rehearsed with friends who attended the forum, Seaton would result to stumbling, evading or demeaning those who sought the truth. One such incident was where he was asked about using pain medication during a trial. The questioner held up a set of court minutes proving Seaton’s admission of using the black labeled medication during the trial and then another court document where Seaton adamantly denied using the mind altering drugs. The question imposed was, “Mr. Seaton which day did you lie to the Judge?” His response was unfathomable. Instead of answering the question, a red faced Seaton, shocked the members of the assembly by divulging details in an on going case he was privy to as he was, at one time, hired as defense counsel for the son of the inquirer. Seaton didn’t stop there. He took his digs where he could, insult them a few more times before he sauntered back to his chair.
    Another member of the audience asked if Seaton would be able to control his outbursts and temper if he were to become judge. In pure Seaton style he proclaimed, “If I am attacked, I will defend myself!” It must of have been the appalled look on the faces of the Amador County voters that encouraged him to follow his arrogant statement up with a long winded explanation about the process of a self recusal. Seaton further went on to say, if he felt he could not control his cantankerous explosions he would exercise that privilege.
    I for one am disgusted and embarrassed for Amador County. I implore my fellow community members to consider carefully when you vote for Judge. This crucial decision has a huge impact with a trickle down effect that can touch the lives of each and every one of us. Please, don’t base your votes on who has lived here longer or the “who’s who”. It’s about qualifications, character, ethics and who the right man for the bench is. I for one know that, that right man is Steve Hermanson.

  4. Aaron, is there a reason that you refer to train wreck seaton’s opponent as “opponent” , instead of hermanson? Just curious. Also i will reitterate what nora states above, no mention on the judge race in the last dispatch issue. Love your blog. Thanks

  5. @DStahl,
    Excellent description of the events and your concern for Amador County is felt by many of us.
    The last person we would want for Judge is Mr. Seaton.
    His character and integrity are constantly in question and his refusal to answer those questions speaks for itself.
    His finances are in such a sad state that the military itself would not give him any sort of security clearance.
    If you appear susceptible to bribery, even many private sector jobs are impossible to obtain.
    Simply put, knowledge of the law is not enough. A Judge must have character, integrity and the proper temperament to sit on the bench. These forums have shown that Mr. Seaton has none of these attributes and Mr. Hermanson has them all.
    It would surely be a sad day for Amador County if Jeff Seaton is somehow able to prevail in this election.

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