May 122012

Fraud. Pam Tobin.

Visit for all the details about who Pam Tobin really is.

In most of Placer County you have to re-register as a Republican to run for office. The notable exceptions are when you have a vengeful state senator helping you or there is a $9,900 plane ticket that people get fixated on that your opponent had…

There is no such baggage against Kirk Uhler.

So, Pam Tobin who ran against then Supervisor Ted Gaines and lost by 40+% as a Democart – re-registered Republican before running.

Let’s have a look at Pam Tobin’s “Republican” pedigree:

1. She got “sick” hours before the Placer County 2012 Lincoln Reagan Dinner (ironically, so did Beth Gaines) and was unable to make it.

2. She publicly supported a Liberal Democrat, Charlie Brown for Congress over Tom McClintock.

3. She publicly attacked Congressman John Doolittle.

4. She has never donated to a Republican running for partisan office.

5. Her public advocacy includes opposing development of any sort at any time anywhere. (Including opposing Bayside Church!)

6. She works for a firm in San Diego.

7. She has rarely been seen at local business related events.

8. Her top advisors read like a who’s-who of the left of Placer County.

9. $10,000 from the Placer Public Employees Union!

10. Rate hike after Rate Hike as a member of San Juan Water Board.

It would be one thing if she had endorsed and supported some Republicans somewhere for something. Can’t find that anywhere.

In fact, you will learn that Pam Tobin is a tax-and-spend liberal in the mold of Jerry Brown whose Republican registration is a thin veil for who she really is – a trojan horse for Public employee unions who appear to be obsessed with destroying Placer County’s finances.

Make no bones about it – Pam Tobin wants to join with Big Daddy Jack Duran and the Tree-Hugging Jennifer Montgomery to give away the store to Placer County’s public employees.



  1. This kind of dishonesty abounds with liberals. There is a lot of corruption at a local level but I think most voters are more in tune with national politics. Sad.

    Blogger’s Note – Tony, you have it within your power to talk to people in Granite Bay / East Roseville / Roseville near the Galleria and tell them to support Kirk. The county’s budget depends on people like you stepping up.

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