May 302012

(This was one of my first posts on Jeff Seaton – it is re-posted because JeffSeaton is calling Jennifer Minton a liar over her robotic phone call received in Amador County recently. Please remember that the Amador County Republican Party endorsed Jeff Seaton after their Chairman Arnold Zeiderman got another Seaton supporter appointed to the committee to provide the margin for endorsement.)

Criminal Defense Attorneys. They are a necessary evil until evil overcomes them.

Jeff Seaton is a defense attorney in Amador County who believes our criminal justice system forces defendants to run the gauntlet. Now he wants to run for Judge and turn the tables.

He has defended the scum of the Earth. He puts his heart and soul into the defense of scum, victim be damned.

In one horrific case – Jennifer Minton, a school teacher, was brutally assaulted by parolee Jeffrey Allan Tate while riding her bike along a peaceful Amador country road.  Minton was so badly injured that part of her intestines were hanging out from the terrible wound Tate had inflicted on her. The facts were overwhelming and the jury convicted Tate despite the argument by Jeff Seaton that Tate was the real victim because of his disturbed childhood. At sentencing, Seaton objected to the victim being allowed to make a statement, stating that, “She just wanted to make a good news clip.” Then in an act of contempt to the jury and court, Seaton turned his back to Minton during her remarks – including talking to someone else. Tate was sentenced to life in prison + 5 years and 10 months, the maximum sentence possible… however, he was eligible for Parole just 10 years later.

Incredibly, Seaton writes on his campaign website the following words that belie his insincerity:

The first thing I want to establish is that I strongly believe in, and support, law and order.  Who doesn’t?  Everyone must be held accountable for his/her behavior and conduct.  Punishment for a crime should be commensurate with the crime committed.”

How can a voter believe such a statement? You can trust that Seaton’s future behavior as a Judge will probably change very little  from his past behavior as a criminal attorney.  Look at his contempt for crime victims.

He defended Kerry Cook – who killed a Teacher in a DUI. Later, the same Kerry Cook committed another DUI and finally went to prison.

In People vs Olson – an officer was assaulted in course of his duties and Seaton was able to manipulate and twist the facts make it the officer’s fault and got the defendant off.  That criminal defendant, Olson, had two strikes at the time – the Third came when Olson was convicted of a Hate Crime and threat that got him 27 to life. Seaton made it possible for Olson to effectively get a fourth strike.

This is what Seaton means by Punishment for a crime? Get ’em off so they can do more damage?

As I previously mentioned – Seaton has received a large check from the Jackson Rancheria and apparently has the support of the Amador establishment. Why?


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  1. There was a comment in recent Wall street journal quoting Ziederman (misspelled, apparently), a CA GOP regional leader, saying people were too selfish and if they had their priorities straight they’d eat out less and give more money to the government.

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