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Update: as of 3PM 5/7/2012 – there has been an overwhelming show of support via Facebook, Email and on this blog. It appears that the good citizens of Amador County are paying attention to this judge race. Thank you to all of you for reading – I am looking forward to meeting some of you in person, soon. (But after the election is over)

The Amador Ledger-Dispatch is the local paper in Amador County.

I got a strange email from a reported with that paper about 10 days ago exposing the identity of a commenter named “hategossip”.

A couple days later – “hate gossip” disappeared from the thread on letter to the editor supporting Jeff Seaton’s opponent – suggesting that the paper tipped her off that they outed her.

Why? I was told after talking to my sources about the email that there is a Legal Term called a “Tarasoff Warning” – this is named after some nutbag that told his therapist that he was going to go kill some people. The therapist was convicted for some sort of crime, but the upshot is that people are now obligated to report threats made to the one being threatened and the authorities.

Apparently, “hategossip” was threatening me with physical violence. I don’t have any further info except that my sources in Amador County said they saw threats that were later redacted. My attempts to get information from the paper were met with no response – so now that a week has elapsed since I asked a direct question, I am blogging on the situation.

This is the email I got from the ledger – without the Identity of the sender:

Mr. Park,

We don’t have the time or inclination to enter the online fray you are
currently in, but it is amusing to watch as we go about the course of our
journalistic endeavors.

One of our editors has informed me she met a woman named Darlene Humm, who
introduced herself as Jeff Seaton’s “mate.”

The user name hategossip on the Ledger Dispatch web site is used by a person
calling themselves Dar Hum.

I am providing this information as a courtesy to you, and take this
opportunity offer you the chance to reach a wider audience through our
sister site, <> , where we host a number of bloggers.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Darlene Humm is Jeff Seaton’s live-in girlfriend.

Smashmouth local politics – gotta love it!

  19 Responses to “Jeff Seaton’s (current) Girlfriend Exposed”

  1. We suspected as much, though this is still kind of a shocking revelation. When it comes to candor, you certainly don’t disappoint.

  2. Mr. Parks:

    Now you are picking on women!! Shame on you!! You were probably the “BIG BAD BULLY” on the playground in school. Do you know the meaning of a “LIBEL LAWSUIT?” “BRING IT ON COWARD, YOU HIDE BEHIND THE INTERNET.”

    Blogger’s Note: I know a few good defense attorneys.

  3. Mr. Parks:


    Blogger’s Note – the definition of coward is hiding behind a pseudonym and hurling threats and insults. It sucks to get outed, doesn’t it.

  4. It’s 7:00 pm and you still have not posted my response!!! COWARD!!! “SEE YOU COURT.”:

    Blogger’s Note – I was out walking my pet rat. I actually have other things to do than hanging around waiting for people to comment on my blog.

  5. Mr. Parks: You are a rat and see you in court. There are people in Sacramento, Eldorado and Roseville that know you and what you are!! DEAD BEAT.. You are nothing but trailer trash and a dead beat!! Get a life!!

  6. Mr. Parks:

    I apologize. I called you a “Rat.” I was wrong. “YOU ARE A SEWER RAT!!!” Thank you.

  7. Mr. Parks:

    Why do you let your wife support you? Why doesn’t she support her own American Citzens who are on welfare? Does she have a “Green Card?” Oh, because she has you. What a waste….

  8. Mr. Sewer Rat:

    I apologize once again, My name is not “Dalene Humm” it is “DARLENE HUMM.” Forgot my glasses.

  9. I love the ALL CAPS!! She is back in true form and it is sad to see her now attacking your wife a well Aaron. I cannot thank you enough for who you are and what you represent. I’m thankful that you keep a watchful eye on the Republican party and hold those who are elected or that may run for office in check. I’ve read your blog page statement and agree completely to those ideals as well.

    Blogger’s Note – Phil, I have gotten used to pissing people off over the years. Sometimes, telling the truth has that effect.

  10. Wow, someone forgot to take their pill. Hey ” lovegossip” do you think Jeff is gonna blame you at all when he loses?

  11. Thank you, mr. Parks for your vigilance.

  12. Wow, Ms. Humm sure is a treat. Thank you for this blog Mr. Park, and I hope to see some more of your work on as well. Very glad you dont let the haters stand in your way of delivering your message!

  13. @Phil – My wife is gorgeous and is a Radio DJ. It is pretty funny to read Ms. Humm’s comments in that regard… in another regard, it makes me even more sad to realize the sordid nature of the way Seaton abandoned his second wife of 16 years to run off with Ms. Humm…

    It is up to all of you to make sure that Jeff Seaton loses. He has resources and you’re going to need to bust all of your tails to make sure he loses.

  14. Aaron, that’s what scares the hell out of me! If Seaton does win, it will be business as normal with those who supported him. If Hermanson wins, we still have our work cut out for us as a community to delve into the station and mindset of those that endorsed him.

  15. Mr. Parks: It is so nice to hear from someone as self righteous as you are. Where would we be without such self flamboyant leaders like you? Why don’t you ask DA Reibe why he didn’t file criminal charges against Dusty Purdue-Stahl for assaulting her husband and her “girlfriend” in a three-way? Why didn’t Reibe charge Mr. Hermanson’s campaign manager’s mother for Domestic Violence? It’s all at the Sheriff’s Office.? And you complain about the “Good Old Boy’s Club”? Talk to Todd Reibe, Paul Molinelli Jr, and Dusty Stahl!! Do your homework before you respond. Thank you.

    Blogger’s note: please ask Dr. Zeiderman or whomever to refill your prescriptions. Then return with evidence.

  16. After reading again the article hermanson for judge in the ledger dispatch, i noticed one of the comments by hategossip stating that she is married to a law enforcement officer. If this is the case, that would mean that jeff seaton stole the wife of a law enforcement officer.if that is how jeff seaton shows his “respect” for law enforcement oficers then we are in serious trouble if,god forbid, he becomes judge.

    Blogger’s Note – if this is true, Seaton could be guilty of Bigamy. My understanding is that the divorce is not final as Seaton is appealing it again. Also – I was told that Darlene’s may not be final, either… what the hell is going on here???

  17. Following Mr. Harris’ lead, I also reviewed the comments from “Hermanson for Judge” and came away with a glaring question. Does anyone know exactly what Ms. Humms problem is with DA Riebe and Judge Harlan? She appears to slam them in her comments, while calling Mr. Hermanson a “puppet” of the DA and Judge.

    Blogger’s Note: As I understand it the retiring Judge it at complete odds with Judge Harlan and the Casino hates Riebe.

  18. Darlene is into her 5th marriage breakup which happens to be Seaton, at the moment. Before him it was another local attorney and so on before him, and so on before another….she goes through them like….whatever…

    Did she meet him at a “Code Seaton” party?

    I saw the Ledger Dispatch removed many if not all of her blogs…are they afraid she is hurting Seaton’s campaign?

  19. The Ledger has allowed most of all of this discourse and should be commended. What service would it do for us to see the total depth of someones perception? As for allowing the facts, the Ledger has done so. We started with childish opinion and attacks, and have become the torch. Our future is at stake, this has got to stop! Become what we we’re made to assume, the responsible parents of our childrens future.

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