May 272012

What? Isn’t that Obama’s Line?

Wait!? The Amador County Republican Party endorsed Jeff Seaton for Judge… Right? (They called a second meeting, Zeiderman lied to people and said the matter would not come up, they appointed a Seaton Supporter to fill a vacancy and got an 8-4 vote)

Aaron, you have gone too far with this one… I mean, we all know about the $5,000 donation from the Left-Wing Law Firm in LA County that files environmental lawsuits. But, that’s just ONE donor… (That firm donated to Tony Cardenas and Darrell Steinberg as well)

We all know about the Casino – but a lot of tribes support Republicans, right? ($10,000 in to a Judge race is unprecedented)

Here is the Coup D’Etat…

Who is Lloyd Levine? Lloyd Levine is a far-left former Assembly-member. How is Lloyd Levine connected to Jeff Seaton?

First off – let’s understand more about Lloyd Levine:

Lloyd Levine is married to Edie Lambert of Channel Three in Sacramento, he was known for his efforts to ban incandescent light bulbs and his obsession with banning plastic bags from grocery stores.

He currently runs a consulting firm in Sacramento as he lost a Primary for State Senate to Fran Pavley because he just wasn’t far left enough for that Central LA District. (Fran Pavley is insanely left…)

Lloyd Levine also sits on the board of directors for Equality California – they are the group fighting to overturn Prop 8.

I call people like Lloyd Levine Kool-Aid Drinkers.

One of the things Lloyd Levine does do is run political mail – this is where Jeff Seaton comes in.

There is a piece of mail called the Coalition for Literacy Newsletter with Lloyd Levine on it in all his glory.

On the back is the money shot – they recommend that you vote for:

Marc Boyd for Assembly. Boyd is a Lib Dem with no chance of beating Bigelow or Rico Oller. (I support Oller for AD-05)

Barack Obama
Dianne Feinstein

… and Jeffrey D. Seaton for Judge.

There are about 9 days left until election day… and I am waiting for the other shoe to drop again. Jeff Seaton is the total package, please Amador County, return him to his Law Practice and to the building he will have to vacate by 7/31.

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  1. I see the Bee finally got around to doing a piece on the race, a missed opportunity in my view to do some real investigative reporting and get some facts out there that really do need more general public exposure. I’m assuming you’re the blogger they mention in it.

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