Apr 172012

Pam Tobin has a record. You have to take a close look at her record as a board member of the San Juan water district to understand why the Placer County Public Employee’s unions literally have to be drooling at the prospect of her campaign for Supervisor.

Rob Haswell who sees himself as a political godfather in Placer County (He is Jennifer Montgomery’s staffer) told the Placer public employee’s union that Mark Wright was not a serious candidate for supervisor and that they should go ahead and support Pam Tobin.

Whoops. Haswell wishes he had that statement back – there are now four opponents to her majesty, basically guaranteeing that Montgomery is going to get stuck in a runoff.

Poof! $10,000 materialized in Pam Tobin’s account.

What was Pam Tobin’s prospectus to garner such loyalty from the Public Employee Unions?

As a member of the San Juan Water district – she has been a serial fee-raiser.

Staff at the SJWD is recommending cost of living raises (COLA) for employees this year of 3.5%. So the recent postcard you got in the mail letting you know SJWD will be raising rates “up to 3.5%” isn’t really all about construction costs as the card implies.  It’s also about greater spending on pensions, raises, and bonuses.

Pam Tobin voted in 2008 for a one time fee hike of 19% – but wait, there’s more… it also included a 50% fee hike schedule.

Pam Tobin is the new president of the board, a duty that rotates through the various board members each year.  The president chooses which board members will sit on the various committees for the upcoming year.  As president, she placed herself on both the personnel and finance committees and her first order of business was to recommend liberalizing the SJWD bonus program for employees by easing the requirements for getting a bonus (rather than eliminating the program as the past personnel committee had recommended).

Are you starting to understand why she got $10,000 from Placer County’s Public Employee Union?

Now, add in that the District is one of the best places to get a union Job that there is:

The average San Juan Water District employee compensation is $127,168.

Of 37 listed funded positions, 23 made over 100k in annual compensation!

This is unsustainable anywhere and in any economy. Pam Tobin needs to be stopped.

What’s worse is that Pam Tobin is now a registered Republican and she is making these irresponsible decisions as a Republican – when who she really is is a Wal-Mart hating, tax and spend liberal.

  One Response to “Pam Tobin – Spendaholic? $10K Recipient From Public Employee Union!”

  1. Haswell is a piece of work. I had to deal with him a few times during Monty’s race against Bruce.

    Still, generally speaking I would rather have a liberal Dem in office promoting liberal policies than a liberal Republican in office promoting liberal policies.

    When a Rep. gets in an pushes some of these positions it damages the whole party.

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