Apr 182012

Pam Tobin is running against Kirk Uhler for supervisor and she is running as a “Republican”.

Today, she was profiled in the Press Tribune and in the middle of a lie-infested interview she talked about integrity. Either Pam Tobin is a pathological liar, or her view of reality is grounds for a padded cell and fingerpaints.

I will point out that one of Pam’s major endorsements is Brian Vlahos – a member of the Placer County Democrat Central Committee. Whoops. Kinda matches Zeke Tafoya and Linda Hall – both former Placer Dem Party Chairs that are on her payroll.

“We need to start lobbying earlier, faster, better to address future changes,” Tobin said. “We need to be talking to state and federal and local governments now so that we can have these changes in place to address future growth.”

Pam’s preparation? Opposing Wal-Mart, hiking rates 19% on the San Juan Water Board and voting for every pay an benefit increase ever put in front of her.

Wally Reemlien has become an organ of the Placer County Democrat Party – so no surprise that he is opposing another Republican.

Moretti said the union feels Tobin is “labor friendly” and concerned that revenue goes toward county services that taxpayers are promised.

Recently, despite the economy Tobin voted to hike water rates 3.5% then hand out enhanced benefits and pay to the employees of the water district. As mentioned above, she showed up to oppose Wal-Mart and voted for massive rate hikes in the past. Union Friendly. Ouch.

Tobin said she is concerned that county employees have to make concessions by paying into their own health benefits and retirement plans while county executives continue to get pay raises.

This is where Tobin takes leave of her senses. It is obvious that she does not read the county budgets at all.

County Manager Pay has been frozen for a while. Rank and file pay is mandated to raise by the state legislature – another bright shining lie by both Jennifer Montgomery and Pam Tobin… both of whom are bought and paid for by public employee unions.

The rest of the article was filled with drivel of Pam Tobin making character attacks and playing the corruption card (the standard tactic of the left when they are losing a debate)…

Take a look at the Environmentalist Stewart Feldman on her payroll or the two ex-Dem Party Chairs Zeke Tafoya and Linda Hall on her payroll… that tells you all you need to know about Pam Tobin. (If the above didn’t help inform)

I doubt Tobin will have a Romney sticker on her car (or scooter) any time soon? But, I’d lay odds we will see her in the new Wal-mart after she loses in June!

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  1. Wally Reemlin, formerly of the Taxpayers League which he founded, is a card-carrying Dem??? I find that hard to believe!

    Blogger’s Note – if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck – must be a duck. Just ask Montgomery and Duran – both of whom are labor-union Democrats that Wally helped elect.

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