Apr 042012

In the course of refuting this blog’s past claims about his tax liens – he admitted to two of them in the course of defending himself. BTW – I will have more to say about the tax liens at a later time of my choosing.

However, Hughes sent out a campaign email giving the appearance that Herman Cain had endorsed his marginal candidacy for US Senate after he, channeling King David from the Bible, is supporting the Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Tax Increase plan!

Have a look at it cut and pasted in to a word document.

Dan Hughes talks about integrity in his campaign – yet sends out and email indicating Herman Cain is the sender.

He also got called on claiming a Herman Cain endorsement.

Look at the attached and you will see a copy of an archived facebook status update from Dan Hughes.

“Many thanks to Former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain for coming on board to support my U.S. Senate Run!”

Hughes Plagiarized the Catholic Church. He ran for U.S. Senate knowing that he has tax liens – two of which he admitted to. And, now – he is playing endorsement basketball.

Hughes got called on his claim of an endorsement from Herman Cain and quickly backtracked. Look at the above link again for the twitter exchange…

Then he sent a campaign email out to thousands of people with copies of his tax liens as an example of his integrity. Could you imagine what Dianne Feinstien’s people would do with those tax liens – Hughes would beg for blogs to hit him compared to what they would do!

But he did get a hit in the Sac Bee Crapitol Alert! (no stay at a Holiday Inn Express Included)

We’ve heard from Moe and Curly – can’t wait for Orly. Dan Hughes Facepalm. Amateur Night.

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