Apr 242012

Did you know that Arnold Zeiderman and Jeff Seaton party together? – they are drinking buddies, every man needs drinking buddies… it is common knowledge that the Moderate Doctor and the Defense Attorney like to tie one on together, and eat pulled pork.

Did you know that Charlene Buckley who has come to Jeff Seaton’s defense on this blog  is a Cent Com member and more importantly is on Jeff Seaton’s campaign team?…

… as are two other regular members of the Central Committee.

In Placer, when we were set to endorse in AD-06 – endangered incumbent Beth Gaines made phone calls to Central Committee Members and complained to people that having two Park Brothers on the Central Committee (out of 27 members) was a “bad” conflict of interest. (Beth Gaines and Ted Gaines are both ex-officio members of Placer Cent Com, but the facts don’t matter to electeds.)

Amador has 11 members total. 3 are on Jeff Seaton’s campaign team. I’d lay odds none of them knew 1/10 of what has been laid out here on this blog.

With the Moderate Doctor That’s 37% of the committee – but, it gets better.

Committee member Destigator is the Son-in-Law of Dep Sheriff Gillaspie who has been harassing Jeff Seaton’s opponent constantly. Gillespie is also the Chair of the Amador DSA. Jeff Seaton did Gillaspie’s divorce. (News flash)

Now we are at 44% of the committee before the remaining 55% are contacted. Cozy.

It is also important to note that Jeff Seaton is the go-to guy for the Deputy Sheriff’s Deputies divorce cases. (according to my sources) This explains the nexus for many in the DSA supporting Seaton while city police departments are supporting Steve Hermanson.

The drama surrounding the Central Committee endorsement also includes another bald-faced lie by Arnold Zeiderman, he told former Amador Supervisor Tom Bamert that they were not going to re-consider the endorsement at the meeting. Bamert is well-respected in the community there and not someone you want to enrage by lying.

Why has Arnold Zeiderman gone so far out on a limb for Jeff Seaton? Seaton must be more than a drinking buddy, or there is something coming in to play from outside the paradigm. A commenter on a previous post sheds incredible light on the situation.

The reason why the Amador County Republican Party is pushing to endorse Jeff Seaton is because not only was Arnie Ziedermans son prosecuted for a crime, and as a result has a dislike for the DA’s office, but the Jackson Casino offered the Amador County Republican Party a substantial amount of money. The unconfirmed amount is $100,000.00, which a portion will undoubtedly go towards Seatons campaign. This is why the Amador County Republican Party held a second meeting, closed door, at 10:30 at night so they could pursue their personal agenda.
So, who else is the Jackson Casino trying to “buy votes” from for their attorney in pocket? The local newspaper is also reportedly in Seaton’s pocket…which is why you wont see any negative posts, blogs or articles there.

I have heard it was $10,000. But the rumors are flying like wildfire of some sort of payoff.  Remember, Jeff Seaton’s connection to the DSA (doing their divorces, estates, etc), the connection to the casino (taking care of Dalton family legal trouble) and Amador County Republican Party Chairman Arnold Zeiderman’s connection to him as well.

This is starting to read like a cross between True Crime and Deliverance.

  6 Responses to “Jeff Seaton Amador GOP Endorsement: Small Town Politics 101”

  1. I live in Sutter Creek and have been watching the superior judge race for some time. Just recently I have been following the Amador Ledger opinions blog and today read many of the articles that you have written concerning the race. I’m shocked! Even if your references of Seaton are remotely true, I shudder to think what would happen if should make it to the bench. I have much research ahead of me, and I hope to be able to make both forums in the coming weeks. Thank you for your perspective, can’t wait to see where it takes me….

    Blogger’s Note: I have tried to document everything. Case numbers, dates etc, it should be pretty easy to verify. BTW – you won’t see any of this in the Amador Ledger, my sources tell me that the editor is in the bag for Jeff Seaton.

  2. It is really unfortunate that Aaron Park can print any lies he wants and people will believe it I am a member of the Republican Central committee in Amador County and can assure you that we have never had a member named Gillaspie. Second, no members of our committee are on the election committee for Jeff Seaton. None. Furthermore we have never received so much as a thin dime from Jeff Seaton or the Jackson Rancheria.
    As to his helping the deputies with their divorces, I think that’s what his job is. Is there a crime in that?
    I would like to know Mr. Park’s motivation for his creative
    malicious attacks on our committee and Mr. Seaton.
    Lois McDonald

    Bloggers Note: i got destigater and gillaspie backwards. Destigater is on the cent com. I have a list pf seaton’s campaign crew and as a result of this comment will out them all.

  3. Buckley Regan and Destigator are on Seaton’s campaign team

  4. It is with regret I must decline your invitation to be on Jeff Seaton’s campaign committee. I just support him but alas I am not on his campaign committee.
    Sorry, you got that info wrong.

    Blogger’s Note: Resigning to cover your tail because of exposure doesn’t change a thing.

  5. Arron Blogger’s Note: Resigning to cover your tail because of exposure doesn’t change a thing.

    You continue to lie, I have never been on Jeff’s campaign committee, but, would gladly get on board.
    It is impossible to resign if you NEVER belonged. Believe me I don’t believe in duck and cover, I’ll leave that up to you.

    Blogger’s Note: OK everyone the 5 people that I spoke with are all lying and Charlene is not! I stand corrected…

  6. I repeat, you are getting the wrong info. Go back to your 5 people and let them know they lied to you and you continue to lie about me.
    I am a supporter but not on campaign committee.
    Yes, you stand corrected.

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