Apr 252012

I already wrote about Jeff Seaton’s Divorce from his Second Wife where he got the trial moved to Sacramento and tried to say that they were never married?

Problem. Jeff filed Married for 16 years and claimed an exemption for his now ex-wife on their tax return.

You’d think that Seaton’s ex would come forward with all sorts of Sordid details about Jeff Seaton’s behavior, ethics and the like? My sources shared with me an amazing fact.

Jeff Seaton has hid his assets to get out of paying spousal support (the new PC term for Alimony). Right now, Patricia Seaton has nothing she can go after to collect on the thousands of dollars she is owed that Jeff Seaton has refused to pay!

According to my sources, Patricia Seaton wants Jeff Seaton to win so that she can get his judge pay garnished!!!

If you take a look at Jeff Seaton’s Campaign finance report – it will turn your stomach if you’re a Republican.

Robert Dalton – no surprise there, a member of the Dalton Family (of the casino) $1000

The Law Firm of Panish, Shay and Boyle – $5000 This is a firm from Santa Monica, one of the largest in the country. They haul in billions of dollars suing corporations, sometimes legitimately and apparently sometimes not. They are involved in the PG&E San Bruno Case, they sue to stop development on behalf of enviro groups, etc.

This law firm is a major Dem donor group – and it includes Alan Jackson for DA (LA County), Tony Cardenas for Congress and Darrell Steinberg. Now, why would they pick Jeff Seaton, too?

Jeff Seaton is a Republican, Really? That’s $16,000 from the Casino, Casino Family and a Dem major donor group???

Did the members of the Amador GOP do their homework before ramming down an endorsement of this guy?

I looked a little further on Seaton’s report – finding a Milo Holt who chipped in $2500. Holt’s granddaughter is in Prison for Assault with a deadly weapon. (At least it isn’t Child Molesting)

The Husband/Boyfriend of another one of Seaton’s Drinking buddies is on the report with checks of $200 and $300. Jeff Seaton’s drinking buddies may make for a good post of their own one day. The poor person whose Husband/Boyfriend donated fell and broke her hip one night at Jeff Seaton’s house.

So, there you have it. Darrell Steinberg, Tony Cardenas, Alan Jackson for DA and Jeff Seaton on the short list for a Santa Monica law firm.

Why did the Amador GOP do it? Was that commenter right about the large check coming from the Casino???

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