Apr 052012

Oh Gheez – Bold New Solutions for California. Plagiarized from Herman Cain.

And the support of the 9-9-9 plan, just wrong. Grover Norquist referred to the 9-9-9 plan as being very dangerous.

I can tell you – for my household, the 9-9-9 plan would be one hell of a tax increase.

When you’re running for a major office – you gotta think through what you’re saying and doing!

The Orly Moe and Curly show is getting old – fast.

Did Dan Hughes vet the 9-9-9 plan? Or did he just sign it, so he could send out campaign emails dummied up to look like they were from Herman Cain?

We all know how the Herman Cain “endorsement” ended up.

Mr. Hughes is simply not ready for Prime-Time from Plagiarism to tax liens to a 9-9-9 facepalm, Dianne Feinstein would shred him.

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