Apr 102012

Here’s the score. Rumors that Dan Logue was colluding with Doug LaMalfa are 100% false – Logue is hiding out trying to make sure he doesn’t get a stray bomb or two in his living room…

… David Stafford Reade outsmarted himself. He recruited a County Supervisor to run against Dan Logue – he tried to stop the CRP from endorsing Logue. (Like they would go against an incumbent?)

David Stafford Reade thought Doug LaMalfa had the Congressional Race Locked up! Whoops.

Now Reade has the Republican Caucus mad at him for recruiting a candidate to bleed money off of Dan Logue AND the very real possibility that Doug LaMalfa is going to lose.

If David Stafford Reade thinks Gentlemen Jim Nielsen can beat Logue – he needs to be reminded that Pot is not legal in California.

If David Stafford Reade thinks there will be anything left of Doug LaMalfa after this Congressional campaign – he needs a padded cell with fingerpaints.

Why? David Stafford Reade / Dave Gilliard have made the political error of the Century… they tried to take over the entire north state, then along came some Conservatives.

Sam Aanestad is not Rick Keene. Keene refused to engage Doug LaMalfa until it was too late – Sam Aanestad is not messing around.

San Aanestad decided to take on Doug LaMalfa broadside and ask a very straightforward question – why are you talking about deficits and government spending when you’ve taken $4.7 million tax dollars in Farm Welfare?

Listen Here.

Reade and Gilliard have a problem. They’ve infuriated a ton of people – attacked Republican volunteers, tried to strong-arm candidates, floated crap to the local media – etc. etc. etc… the usual ethically challenged crap Consultants usually do. When you scorch the earth – it comes with consequences… in my case, LaMalfa tried to get even by using his psychotic supporters. I’m still here and they are scattered in pieces all over the political landscape.

It looks like LaMalfa is next.

The farm welfare issue is Doug LaMalfa’s Achilles heel. Make bank on it. Doug LaMalfa even advocated against state budget cuts to keep the farm welfare coming! Doug LaMalfa even helped found a Federal Organization that hired a lobbyist to prevent the Farm Welfare Reform Bill in 2007! Then the LaMalfa family split their “ranch” six ways to get around the welfare reform limits…

Dan Logue is the luckiest politician alive. If LaMalfa wins the run for Congress, he still destroys Jim Nielsen.

If Doug LaMalfa loses – he will be beat to a pulp with the world knowing he is a fraud and having to deal with a Pissed off Dan Logue and a pissed off Republican Caucus – because Logue’s money could have been donated to other Republicans running for Assembly… but, David Stafford Reade and Dave Gilliard in their brilliance had to cross that invisible line. Logue vs LaMalfa for State Senate in 2014? Oh, Please, Oh, Please…

Big Winner: Sam Aanestad
Big Winner: Dan Logue
Big Winner: Taxpayers
Big Loser: Fake Conservatives
Big Loser: Farm Welfare

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