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Side Note – At the Butte County Farm Bureau Dinner – Doug LaMalfa said he is running for Congress to go to Washington D.C. to represent ‘their’ interests. (a.k.a. farm welfare)

1914 water rights. This means you can drill for your own and there is nothing the Government, Agenda 21, etc can do to stop you.

DSL Farms is comprised of six “farms” each of which can get $180,000 a year in Rice subsidies (this was done to circumvent welfare reform)… but the level of Farm Welfare simply does not stop with the $4.7 million in Rice Welfare… LaMalfa and other Rice Farmers receive millions in taxpayer-subsidized surface water deliveries.

It has been alleged to me that what many of these farmers do is sell their taxpayer subsidized water deliveries to Southern California and then use their 1914 water rights to drill for their own.


I stumbled across a letter to the editor from many years ago (4/23/2006) that lit up Brenda Haynes (who works for LaMalfa) who was/is a board member of ACID (a water district in Shasta County) and Milton LaMalfa (Doug’s Late Father – who is listed on the farm welfare rolls as well).

The turmoil at ACID probably will continue as long as water is in demand and hidden agendas stay hidden.California is short of water and our population continues to grow. ACID has a 40-year supply of water, and water is power.

Redding Area Water Council believes ACID is a major component for adequate water supplies for the north state, and southern cites are looking north.

Richvale’s Western Canal has been selling water to southern cities. Western Canal board member Milton LaMalfa isAssemblyman Doug LaMalfa’s father. Assemblyman LaMalfa is ACID President Brenda Haynes’ boss, and Haynes is Stan Wangberg’s boss. Wangberg worked for Western Canal for 20 years before going to ACID.

ACID ex-manager Dee Swearingen was instrumental in designing the Redding Basin Ground Water Model used by the north state’s water purveyors to determine the water needs of the Redding basin. His last year of employment was met with discord as he enforced ACID board policy by putting Haynes’ district into water-use compliance by cutting their water.

Churn Creek district used an average of 1.8 times more water per acre than other districts.

Haynes continues to undermine board members Patrick Andrews and Butch Sartori, who agree with Swearingen’s water policy. Haynes accused Andrews of residency noncompliance.

Haynes has refused to put Sartori’s requested items on agendas. Wangberg destroyed tapes of board meetings and Sartori demanded an explanation. Sartori is accused of making a hostile work environment.

Ronald Jones and Ken Jordan agree with Haynes, as they look to her to see which way to vote. So one person, one vote doesn’t work at ACID.

It seems to me that a cursory investigation of Water Double-Dipping might yield some interesting findings.

It should be noted that Brenda Haynes was in the middle of the David Stafford Reade / LaMalfa attempt to take over the CRA by fraud. She attempted to represent a CRA unit in Corona – some 589 miles away from Redding.

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  1. I would much rather have farmers in charge of our water instead of the lawyers and other career politicians in Washington DC.

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