Apr 092012

When Arnold got slammed by regulators that performed an significant ethics rule change – Dan Maguire was quoted in the media repeatedly.

In the years leading up to closing the legal loophole that allowed one 501(c)3 charity to pay for as much as $1.7million in travel expenses – skilled internet researchers can see Dan Maguire’s name come up repeatedly.

Arnold benefited from thousands of dollars donated by the spiritual leader of the Shi’ite Muslims for one.

It looks like donors could write massive checks to a 501(c)3 in exchange for access? favors? One would wonder as people don’t write $200,000 checks for some altruistic cause as it relates to politics. And, what’s worse – the donor would game the tax man getting a full-writeoff for financing the Governor’s travel!

Dan Maguire was in the middle of it.

First appearing here is an article detailing the non-profit and its’ rule in buying gulfstream jet travel, luxury suites and the like for the Governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger got lit up hard by the LA Times for the absolute lack of records surrounding the millions raised and spent supporting his lifestyle aside from Campaign finance rules.

Dan Maguire was in the middle of it.

Unlike campaign contributors, the foundation’s supporters can donate unlimited amounts without revealing their names in most cases.

Do you get it? Theoretically, this was a way for Arnold to play both sides without one or the other knowing!

The financial information in the gift memos created by the governor’s aides came from conversations with officials, said (Dan) Maguire, Schwarzenegger’s deputy legal affairs secretary.

“We hear it,” he said. “It’s a phone call.”

Stern scoffed at such a procedure for large and specific dollar figures. “Oh, sure,” he said with a laugh.

(Dan) Maguire insisted that the memos are public records that satisfy disclosure rules. Several costs, among them $353,000 for a single round-trip toChina on a private jet in 2005, did not initially appear in the memos. They were added after The Times filed state Public Records Act requests for them.

(Dan) Maguire said the governor’s office did not keep any copies of invoices that it submitted for payment to the Protocol Foundation, which also has paid for some ground transportation and commercial flights on the trips.

Got all that – Dan Maguire appears to have been involved in a cover-up or simply an obfuscation to prevent shedding the light of day on the governor’s abuse of the tax code and campaign finance law.

Trent Stamp, president of Charity Navigator, an online rating service for nonprofits, said the lax disclosure was “beyond the pale.”

Aaron Dorfman, executive director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, said the actions by Schwarzenegger and the foundation are “highly irregular,” and “a clear example of philanthropy being abused.”

Dan Maguire is a judge. He needs to be held to the highest ethical standard before anyone should feel safe having a case – especially a criminal case which he lacks experience in anyway – heard in his court.

Does it make you feel better knowing that Maguire was in the middle of these shenanigans by Arnold? What about the failure to keep records?

It appears that Maguire’s appointment to the bench really was a “Thank You” from the governator for a job well-done. Make sure you thoroughly examine the candidates you elect to administer justice in your neighborhood!

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