Apr 192012

I really thought the only post about a #CASEN candidate replete with references to abusing dope would be the one I did railing on Richard Ramirez over his patently absurd and fake poll.

Whoops. Dan Hughes has gone from sending Campaign emails dummied up to look like they were coming from Herman Cain to channeling Ron Paul.

Since 4/20 will be here shortly – it is time for a ceremonial Ron Paul Bong Hit. Or, maybe Dan Hughes had a Bong Hit before writing the email.

Why didn’t the sender’s name say “Ron Paul”?

Secondly, take a look at the aforementioned email

It will require narcotic pain relievers to read. (May I suggest something like Norco or Vicodin – there are generics on the market for those now that will allow you to get higher than a kite on the cheap… and Ron Paul would make it possible for you were he elected)

Grammatical Error number one: This was the beginning of what at the time was predicted to be a collusive and monopolistic hold strangle hold on the American economy.

Political Error number one:  When elected to the Senate, I will not only co-sponsor this important legislation, but I will fight alongside Rep. Ron Paul and Senator Rand Paul to see this bill become a law. News flash to Mr. Hughes – Ron Paul is retiring. Whoops – but that detail won’t matter as competency and about $20 million are in the way of Dan Hughes getting elected to the US Senate.

Grammatical Error number two: As banking magnate Anslem Rothschild “Give me the power to control the currency and I don’t care who makes the laws”. Do you see what’s missing in this sentence fragment?

Okdokie – Mr. Hughes has not come up with a single Bold, New Idea for California Yet. He is using the Catholic Bishops, Herman Cain and now Ron Paul. If he starts talking about the birth certificate – that may well make me drop a sheet of acid just to kill the pain.

Now add in the fact that Mr. Hughes can’t even cut and paste correctly, or, worse if he actually did write this bold new email then the content of it is riddled with several basic errors. These should scare anyone about what would happen if Queen Facepalm drew Danny as her opponent.

The #amateurnight has to stop. Please. (My liver and kidneys won’t survive the 2012 cycle without voter intervention)

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