Mar 042012

… for who they have put in office.

We got sold out on the debt ceiling, caved in on the so-called payroll tax thing (which kills Social Security), and here in California Linda Halderman who dared to speak up allowed Beth Gains to get out of the “shoebox” or she’d still be in there.

Where’s the beef? What has any Republican in elected office around here done to make our lives better? Nothing but a few bills that get killed at the cost of $20-$25k a piece for some grandstand value.

At that – we have State Level Republicans that run and hide rather than taking stands on tough issues – all the while advocating for tax increases at the local level.

If you’re tired of feel good platitudes and smiles – it is time to stand up and start firing people in office.

Fasten your seat belts – you’re going to hear plenty Good, Bad and otherwise…


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