Mar 272012

Let me start by saying that I am not aligned politically with the Tehama GOP within the GOP political strata. They have been / are in the LaMalfa/Nielsen Camp – the regular readers of this blog know that I use LaMalfa and Nielsen as a punching bag regularly.

That being said – Ken Say and his committee have a right to support LaMalfa and Nielsen. They have a right to endorse anyone they damn well please. That seems to be more than the incumbent protectors can handle.

The California Republican Party’s pre-primary endorsement process is a joke. It was rigged to be incumbent protection all the way – and considering that the CRP’s leadership made up rules as they went along in order to get said results – it should be no surprise to anyone that they have made a lot of people angry.

Now the fallout is continuing. The Orange County Republicans who courageously stood up and denied John Campbell an endorsement got slapped in the face by the CRP’s oligarchy and endorsed John Campbell anyway. The Tehama GOP, apparently doing the bidding of David Stafford Reade – endorsing Tehama supervisor Bob Williams in an attempt to block a CRP endorsement of Dan Logue were blatantly railroaded by the CRP leadership. As opposed to when the Placer GOP refused to endorse Beth or Ted Gains or when Orange refused to endorse John Campbell – the Tehama GOP actually Endorsed Bob Williams!

Normally, the leadership of the California Republican Party are notorious conflict avoiders – but the pressure of supporting the club actually caused them to have to go against their avoidance instincts and actually take a stand. They used nuance to override the actions of the Placer and Orange Central Committees – but what they did to Tehama went to the next level. They ignored the Tehama endorsement of Bob Williams all together by selectively enforcing part of the CRP By-Laws which they ignored to make other crony endorsements in order to override Tehama.


The Tehama GOP told Tom Del Becarro to go to hell today:


RED BLUFF – Following two weeks of silence from the California Republican Party Board of Directors regarding their controversial endorsement process, the Tehama County Republican Party sent the following open letter to Chairman Tom Del Beccaro rescinding their previous invitation to him to serve as the keynote speaker for their May Lincoln Reagan Dinner.

Notice the pattern? Two weeks of silence – aka avoiding conflict. So the CRP leadership are back to their old tricks…

CRP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro,

After serious discussion of the endorsement actions taken by the California Republican Party Board of Directors during their March 11th meeting, the Tehama County Republican Party has unanimously voted to rescind the invitation extended to you to be our guest speaker at the TCRP dinner of May 19, 2012. The TCRP, by unanimous vote, has affirmed that our speaker must be someone that upholds our adherence to Republican values and principles. Unfortunately, we no longer believe that you meet that criteria and have voted to invite speakers that the TCRP believe to meet that standard.

We realize that you are only one vote on the Board, but your personal leadership in the CRP Board endorsement process has convinced us that you were unable to guide the Board in adhering to the Board’s own bylaws. The specific bylaw violation was the invalidation of Tehama County’s February 9th endorsement of Assembly candidate, Tehama County Supervisor Bob Williams, which then allowed the CRP Board to disregard the clear requirement of a non-endorsement by the Board in Section 3.02 of the bylaws. The TCRP believes that their endorsements were invalidated by the CRP Board because it did not fit conveniently with the candidates that you wanted to support and we resent that CRP funds will be used to only support your candidates.

We are making our displeasure of the Board’s and your action public to let the other Republican County Central Committees know that the CRP’s leadership has placed their own interests above the individual interests of the local Republican voters as expressed by their duly-elected central committee members. We clearly understand the reason for the alienation that many California Republicans feel toward the State Party.

We, the Tehama County Republican Party, at the local level, will continue to support the Republican candidates that represent our best interests and not some unknown person picked by a “star chamber” in an illegal procedure.

Sincerely,  Ken Say, Chairman

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