Mar 082012

Addendum: Beth Gains was asked at the Sacramento County GOP Central Committee meeting 3/8/2012 if she had any local endorsements and she could name none.

Andy Pugno. Does he run? Who cares. He runs, he wins – Linda Park runs and with adequate resources, she wins.

Why do I say this? (Other than because I am running her campaign?)

Let’s see… every endorsement not controlled by the establishment she has lost.

CRA 5-4 loss.

Placer GOP Cent Com 11-13 loss.

But, what’s worse is that the above two are being spun by her surrogates as a loss for Linda Park.

Beth Gains has a 94% CRA score, yet she could not get  a CRA endorsement over a challenger who is only somewhat known. Looks like an embarrassment to me?

At the Placer GOP Central Committee – phone calls, intimidation, a coordinated attack including procedural games, rolling out establishment endorsements… and Beth Gains could only muster 11 votes out of 27. That’s really bad for an incumbent.

It seems to me that failing to get a simple majority on your home Central Committee being spun as some sort of win is absurd as it highlights your weakness as an incumbent!

Seeing the Central Committee endorsing processes has shown me that the weakness and the absurdity of the California Republican Party is indeed top-down. There are a lot of good people on many Cent Coms – but the process is broken and we are drastically short of leaders.

I understand now why the liberals on our Central Committee (who are aligned with the Gains’) hate the conservative leadership, I understand why the state leadership of the GOP views the Placer GOP Cent Com as rogue – we don’t suck down the incumbent protection kool-aid.

The Gains were the big losers last night – they could have prevented the mess by simply trying to reach out last summer, calling people, trying to clean up the mess they left behind when they joined LaMalfa’s jihad… instead, they were off serving themselves…

… and that’s another theme for the campaigns coming up.

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