Mar 122012

Pay close attention – this is real corruption.

They hid numerous Fines from their members.

They had inaccurate publicly published account balances.

They failed to properly disclose donations.

The Davis Dem club settled their $19,000 fine by forking over all the money they had – $9800.

The Yolo County Dem Central Committee had to hire a professional firm because they have been fined multiple times.

However, since they are Democratic groups – they don’t get front-page coverage in the Bee… just a story in the Woodland paper.

There is no way that the Yolo Dem Party and the Davis Dem club could not have known the rules – they were part of the lawsuit against McCain Feingold! Also – several of their members had to fly to DC at their own expense to attend a seminar about how to follow the rules of campaign finance.

When you add the total bill – these guys got lit up for well over $20k.


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