Feb 082012

This time is it a former CRA President.

I sent out an email detailing how Mike Spence helped thwart a plan to set up a system for California Republican Party Pre-Primary endorsements. The establishment went in to a tizzy to stop it. I am sick and tired of the powers to be and the things they do to maintain control… of what? A 20-seat minority in the Assembly and a soon-to-be less than 1/3 super-minority in the Senate? Wow.

Dear Fellow CRP Delegate:

A lot has been written about ‘knowing your proxy’ and the role of Charles Munger et.al. in the various drills. Mike Spence is now again requesting your proxy.  Beware!

Charles Munger is the godfather of Proposition 14. Proposition 14 was the deal-maker for a grotesque state budget.  In addition, Proposition 14 bans Party Nominees, effectively eliminates third parties, creates many districts with no Republican on the general election ballot and bans write-in candidates as well!

Proposition 14 passed because angry voters wanted to “get even” with political parties in California. The Democrats have moved on – but many in Republican leadership, fighting to control an ever-shrinking piece of the California political pie, have not. The 2/2011 CRP Convention featured an important debate – the CRP needed to react to Proposition 14’s destruction of Party influence in Partisan elections. Former CRP Chairman Ron Nehring had crafted the Nehring plan – with widespread grassroots support that would have enabled the CRP to endorse candidates pre-primary.

Charles Munger was opposed to this idea as Proposition 14 is his legacy. The erstwhile incoming Chairman of the Santa Clara GOP had an ally in the March 2011 CRP Convention: Curt Hagman staffer, Mike Spence.  With the Nehring Plan poised for success at the March 2011 CRP Convention, Mike Spence arrived last minute with a gut and amend “compromise” plan that drew the support of the Munger establishment and those proxies that Mr. Spence had collected.  In the name of “compromise” (which it really wasn’t), Mike Spence allied with Munger to ban all endorsements for four years and then created a Republican Party endorsement process so cumbersome that even Jesus Christ himself would not be able to get a CRP endorsement in most all races!

Meanwhile in 2012, the democrat party (which wisely recognized the problem Proposition 14 created), came up with an actionable process and has made several pre-primary endorsements that will have substantial impact on all sorts of races.

Proxy drills have consequences for years to come and the reforms that Republican activists have proposed stretch to issues beyond just the “Platform Battle.”  It is the right for the CRP to have a voice post Proposition 14.

Mr. Munger is going to ascend to the Chairmanship of the Santa Clara GOP after spending millions on ballot measures to raise taxes, proxy drills to gut the CRP platform, and political activity to  render the CRP impotent in elections.  Charles Munger succeeded in stopping much needed by-law amendments to allow endorsements for the CRP because of his brainchild – Proposition 14.

In the case of preventing the CRP from endorsing pre-primary via a rigged proxy drill, with the status quo in jeopardy, “Conservative” leader Mike Spence rode in and saved the day for the Munger establishment.  Now conveniently, at the same time that there are proposals to stop proxy fraud, the same Mike Spence is again asking for the same blank check from you that was abused the last time.

Know your proxy. Know the motivations of those that seek your proxy – things aren’t always as they seem.

Thank you for your service to the California Republican Party.


Aaron F. Park

Mike Spence responded to my email sent to the California Republican Party delegation list with two words: “f–k you”. If you want a copy of the email to prove it, let me know.


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