Jan 052012

Folks – Kirk Uhler is your only true Conservative Supervisor in Placer County.

The other Conservatives were defeated for Re-Election by Democrats. (aided and abetted by Senator Ted Gaines – more on that later)

While some are using the dog whistle of the “Supervisor Slush Fund” or the “Revenue Sharing Program” to attack Kirk – note that Ted Gaines, while a Senator spent his Revenue Sharing Money and Kirk Uhler returned most of his allocation to the general fund.

Kirk’s detractors – liberal Democrats Jennifer Montgomery and Jack Duran returned their allocations to the department of Health and Human Services to be spent on welfare.

Therein lies the difference in philosophy.

Kirk’s Opponent Pam Tobin is a died in the wool Liberal who re-registered Republican in late 2009 in an effort to deceive voters about who she really is.

As a Democrat – she ran against Ted Gaines in 2004 and was torched garnering 29% of the vote with her winning message of socialism.

I know Kirk Uhler – he tells the truth, end of story. Kirk is also tough as nails and I wish more Republican officeholders were willing to do the heavy lifting that Kirk does every day.

This one was an easy call.

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