Dec 042011

Sometimes when you’re in the heat of a campaign – you step in it.

In particular was the case of attacks against then Assemblymember Ted Gaines over the revenue sharing. I had a report that showed Bruce Kranz had participated in it too in an effort to mitigate the attacks against Ted.

I mis-characeterized Bruce’ participation in the Revenue Sharing as he had delegated the distribution to others after it was apparent there was no will on the board of Supervisors to end it.

I have considered Bruce a friend for a number of years and it would be silly for a blunder made in the middle of a campaign to end that.

Bruce had always railed against the Revenue Sharing Plan.

In fact, Jennifer Montgomery and Jack Duran are the true hypocrites – as they took their $20k and re-directed it to Health and Human Services to be spent on public welfare – at least that “wrong” money should have been used to benefit local charities, not enrich Government.

That’s what Bruce’s appointed group did – they directed several donations to local charity after it was apparent that there was no will to end the revenue sharing program by the other supervisors.

Look for those aligned with Pam Tobin, the fraudulent Republican running against Kirk Uhler to attempt to use the revenue sharing against Kirk.

I do indeed apologize to Bruce Kranz for any comments that were untrue in the past campaign.

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