Nov 072011

I have to be honest – I have taken a few shots at Mitt Romney myself in the past. But – we are in perilous times at the hands of an avowed socialist who has aimed at destroying our way of life.

Mitt Romney is not the product of a generation of radical socialists, he is a businessman who has also served as a State Governor. When people thought it was impossible to elect a Republican to US Senate in Massachusetts – Mitt Romney was the driving force behind Scott Brown.

I had supported Rick Perry. He imploded in a spectacular way. (Whether or not he was drunk in New Hampshire)
I had taken a long look at Herman Cain – until the skeletons in his closet came running out.
Newt Gingrich has  no money and skeletons that are already public.
Bachmann is insane
Ron Paul is wrong and insane

The rest of the candidates should go home – now.

Mitt Romney is the only candidate who has demonstrated that he has the organization, campaign and resources to deal with Barack Obama and his juggernaut.

I hope the rest of you reading this will agree with me as well.

  One Response to “President 2012: I Have Planted my Flag”

  1. Too bad that we have come to the point of being chosen based on “organization, campaign and resources” and not by what a candidate stands for.

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