Nov 012011

… and have you seen any follow-up on this from the state media? Very little.

Is she considered vulnerable for re-election? William Jefferson had $90,000 in his freezer and the Dems did nothing there, either.

Note that her defense was covered in its’ entirety in a Capitol Alert blog that was buried late in a Friday news cycle.

How much have the Democrats in general stolen from all of us? I’d lay odds that it is more than the $2400 worth of stuff Hayashi is charged with Grand Theft for attempting to steal.

Take a look at your tax return and all the taxes and fees charged on things in your daily life just to live in this state for starters – then go to what that money is spent on… (hint High-Speed Rail, Illegal Aliens, Welfare – but not on state parks, law enforcement or fire protection)

Please note that Hayashi is from Castro Valley and that her husband is a judge – interesting sidebars to this story.

Let’s see what happens here…

P.S. Hayashi is a perfect CRA 0% score as well. No wonder why Speaker John Perez is sticking up for her.

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