Aug 092011

The Camp Pendleton RA is part two of the San Diego Fraudres.

Next to the Yolo RA – the Camp Pendleton unit was the most egregious unit dealt with at the 7/23 Board meeting. It was de-chartered by a 36-2 vote of the CRA’s board.

You have to ask yourself as you are reading this series of posts the obvious questions about those who have launched hysterical attacks against those of us cleaning up CRA. What commentary on their character does the below laundry list of issues elicit?

The Camp Pendleton Republican Assembly had not sent delegates to any CRA Convention since 2007, in violation of Section 6.02.  In 2007, they sent Markham Tuttle and Glen Richardson from El Dorado Hills and John Cooley from Granite Bay as delegates.  El Dorado Hills is 509 miles away from Fallbrook and Granite Bay is 508 miles away from Fallbrook.  Those three purported delegates were on the “Romney List” of 75 paid in delegates to the 2007 CRA Convention.

The foundation of the Camp Pendleton Republican Assembly appears to have been fraudulent.  Records show that four chartering members lived at the same address: 3223 Brushwood Lane in Fallbrook.  Their dues all expired on 9/17/2006.  In addition, the unit lists two members (Blake Dorman and Blake Donners) from the exact same address of a condominium condo complex in Irvine, with no apartment number.  Both were founding members of the unit and it appears likely that they are the same person.  In addition, two other people from the same neighborhood in Irvine were founding members as well.  While the facts are still unclear, after several years, it appears that there may have been membership fraud.

This unit was also engineered to take up one-third of the surface area of San Diego County.  The CRA Board of Directors may wish to consider whether or not this unit was created for the nefarious purpose of preventing other Republican activists from participating in this extraordinarily large and populous territory.

Twelve unit members’ annual dues expired on 9/17/2006 and the dues for the three “Romney Delegates” expired on 10/1/2008.  It appears that there were fewer than eleven remaining members on the unit roster after that, in violation of Section 6.03.

This unit’s Delegate List was faxed from John Bovee’s office in Sacramento, suggesting that they did not meet and elect their delegates in accordance with Section 10.04.  In 2007, the Convention fees for the three “Romney Delegates” were paid by Romney for President, Inc.  Their distance from Camp Pendleton gives reason to believe that the unit did not comply with Section 10.04 in 2007, either.

There is no evidence that the Camp Pendleton Republican Assembly has held quarterly meetings in accordance with Section 10.05.

The dues of the current members all expire 5/1/2012, which suggests that their dues were paid after the April Convention in Sacramento, but there is no evidence of such payment.  There is no evidence that the unit had fifteen dues-paying members, as they claimed, during the April Convention.  There appear to be violations of Sections 4.01, 4.03, and 13.10.  There is no evidence that this unit collected or remitted the annual membership dues required under Section 4.03 and 4.08.  The Board should also consider the odd timing of the reported expiration of members’ dues (which all expire on 5/1/2012) and the lack of a unit checking account (which raises questions about how dues were collected and paid).

When contacted by the Credentials Committee, the leaders of this unit refused to provide records of membership or bylaws, in violation of Section 10.07.

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