Jul 122011

Karen England was endorsed by Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines in her failed 2011 run for CRA President – more on that tie in later.

In 2007, Karen England was a CRA Vice President. She was involved with another employee of Capitol Resource Institute, Meredith Turney in chartering 4 CRA units. It sounds great on the surface – but the four Units were patent fraud.

The Yolo, Yuba, Sutter and Tehama CRA were all chartered 9/8/2007 (along with 5 units in Southern California) in the run up to the 2007 CRA Presidential Endorsing Convention. They were used to house delegates that were pre-programmed to vote to endorse Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is not a Conservative. He has attempted to re-make himself in to one – but his record of being Pro-Choice and his “Romneycare” socialized medicine plan are on the long list of East-Coast Liberal Republican policies he has espoused. The issue is that someone who is a self-styled Conservative activist would have a lot of explaining to do when choosing such a candidate in a contested primary with much more Conservative options available.

Romney spent a ton of money buying support.

David Stafford Reade – who is a member of the Capitol Resource Institute’s Board of directors hand-delivered a check to our insurance office for $2625 to pay 75 delegates in to the CRA Convention. Please click here to see the check and the list of delegates.

Once this check was exposed – anonymous political consultants tried to create a scandal because it was written out to the Placer County Republican Party instead of the Placer CRA. (We are considering filing an FEC complaint against the Romney for President Campaign over the error.)

Please note that Doug LaMalfa’s current Chief of staff, Mark Spannagel is on the list. He was installed as the president of the Yuba CRA 4+ years ago and he lives in Penryn – some 40 miles from Marysville. In addition, Karen England’s Daughter Jordan is on the list of delegates that Romney paid in to the 2007 CRA Convention.

Mitt Romney’s campaign spent quite a bit of money on the CRA Convention – which in and of itself is not wrong, but using 25 CRA units to send 3 delegates each to the convention to engineer the outcome is.

Doug LaMalfa endorsed Mitt Romney in 2007. Today, he has switched to Rick Perry – or maybe that is a dual endorsement – as it seems that Perry will become the front-runner the moment he declares his candidacy.

In 2010, the Sutter, Yuba, Yolo, Tehama RA and others were used to send Meg Whitman staff to the 2010 CRA convention in an attempt to block a CRA endorsement of Steve Poizner. Again, the abuse of the CRA was present as these college students hailed from places like Aliso Viejo, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Hanford, Stockton, etc.

The 2011 CRA Convention is where the legacy of those fake units came to a head. Karen ran for President of the CRA, reliant almost completely on those fake CRA units’ ability to turn out delegates on her behalf.

There had been a seed change in leadership. The old guard no longer had 100% control of the process. When the fraud became apparent – a move was made to require residency of delegates. Karen England and her allies sued the CRA – they won a TRO, but only on the issue of Residency.

The problem was that there were demonstrated violations of all kinds of CRA By-Laws exhibited by the fraudulent units that led to an 8 hour credentials committee Saga.

Doug LaMalfa had gotten caught in the middle of the issues that beset the CRA. His staff were dispersed as delegates amongst several units with dubious CRA Credentials. Doug LaMalfa even blogged about the CRA Convention on the FlashReport. One of LaMalfa’s staff from Auburn was assigned to the Huntington Beach RA, another was assigned to a unit in Corona, CA…

Once Karen England and her team were defeated at the CRA Convention – they sued the CRA again, asking the judge to overturn our officer elections. They lost that suit as it was referred to the CRP for arbitration as Team Karen violated the CRP By-Laws by suing first before exhausting non-legal remedies. (Don’t take my word for it – that’s what the judge said!)

The lawyer chosen for both lawsuits to carry the “Capitol Resource Institute / Team Karen” banner: James Sweeney… he is here on the archive webpage of the Capitol Resource Institute’s Board of directors that was hidden in 2010.

Karen England’s contempt for the CRA was complete – chartering fake CRA units, campaigning against the Placer CRA, campaigning against candidates endorsed by the Placer CRA, supporting Pro-Choice Liberals for CRP and other offices, attacking the state CRA, participating in defrauding the CRA, then encouraging a lawsuit against the CRA when she did not get the desired outcome at the officer elections.

Meantime – Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines endorsed Karen England for CRA President.

Postlogue: The Sutter RA has been taken over by real CRA members and now meets regularly. It is one of only 4 of the 25 “Romney Units” that has become Legitimate. The Yuba and Yolo CRA are two of the CRA units under serious scrutiny at the upcoming CRA Board meeting.

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