Jul 092011

Have you started to wonder why with the state Billions in the hole, our state education ranked 49th, our credit rating last, our roads crumbling and a new bill just passed mandating 6 year olds be taught about homosexuality – why LaMalfa and Gaines have prioritized attacking Republican volunteers?

In a previous post – we detailed to run up to the 2011 CRA Statewide officer elections where Karen England and her allies attempted to expand their sphere of influence to a statewide Conservative Grassroots organization.

This is significant. The Placer County Republican Assembly is the Placer County Chapter of the CRA. Karen England was a member in the early days of the Placer CRA in 1996, but left the organization in 1997 after an attempt to take over the club failed.

This occurred before George and I ever entered the Placer Political scene, but the seeds of the current war were sown.

I met Jeff Atteberry – the current Placer GOP Chairman at a Roseville Chamber of Commerce meeting when he was running for Roseville City Council. We hit it off and he recruited me in to the Republican Party and in to the CRA. George had been a voter since 18, unlike me, but he followed me in to the CRA as did our folks.

We did not realize what line we had crossed.

I was elected State CRA Sgt at Arms for the first time in 2003, and am currently in my 5th term of service to the State CRA. The real friction started then.

The first time I directly locked horns with Karen England was in 2007 when she and Ken Campbell – both leaders in a local church at that time, were involved in a Primary challenge against Congressman John Doolittle and the candidate was a fellow leader in the same church. The CRA had endorsed John Doolittle at least 7 times previously for election / re-election.

I had started blogging in 2003 and in 2006, I had my first taste of infamy as I was lighting up Sue Horne on behalf of Dan Logue. I started torching Eric “Kerry” Egland in 2007 – the chosen candidate of Karen England against John Doolittle. This was the beginning of the open warfare that you see today.

The accusations leveled against George and I of Pay-to-Play (mostly by Karen England) started in 2007, as that is her paradigm of projection on to others (Follow the money trail). Ultimately, Karen England, Ted Gaines and others were instrumental in forcing John Doolittle to retire – even though Doolittle was exonerated in 2010.

Reflected against John Doolittle, we’re not the only ones that Karen England has called corrupt without cause.

As I previously wrote – there was a brutal Primary pitting Doug LaMalfa against Rick Keene. I first found out about all the money  to the Capitol Resource Institute (Karen’s Employer) during that 2010 primary.

During the same 2010 Primary, Karen England’s jihad expanded to the Placer CRA when she teamed up with a coalition that included Pro-Choice, no on Prop 8 moderates in an attempt to take over the Placer GOP Central Committee against the Placer CRA Backed Conservatives. (see a pattern here?)

On her blog – her endorsements are captured in time. (I saved a .pdf in case the blog is pulled down.) Amongst her endorsements is Spencer Short – who voted to put the largest municipal tax increase in Placer County’s history on the ballot and Cheryl Bly-Chester, an avowed liberal Republican who recently ran for Assembly. So I guess being Conservative is only applicable for donor appeals to the Capitol Resource Institute?

First Karen tried to knock off the Placer CRA from the Placer GOP Central Committee by aligning herself with ideological moderates that oppose Prop 8 – then she moved to the State CRA. She went 0 for 2. All the while, her employer was being supported by Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa.

How does all of this tie in to Prop 8 and the current non-scandal that Karen England, Ted Gaines, Doug LaMalfa and their allies wish was a scandal? To Be Continued…

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