Jul 182011

The day after the latest Bee Article – Doug LaMalfa was on the air (1380 KTKZ Eric Hogue Capitol Hour) repeating the same charges he leveled in the Bee Article. (namely, accusing George Park and Tom Hudson of committing felonies)

Those charges are not dissimilar to the mantra that Karen England has been preaching to her would-be recruits for the last 2+ years.

(again, since I have been threatened with a lawsuit  by Karen Directly and since her allies have actually sued the State CRA twice – I need to disclaim that these posts are an amalgamation of anecdotal evidence, Facebook posts, emails, blog posts and comments)

I have come to understand from 8+ years of political fights with Karen England that she is a bully and Tom, George and especially myself are the first people that have really pushed back against her. (It is really 14 years – but we never realized we had made her list until years later)

This is why I believe that she lays awake at night trying to figure out how to attack us next. (I’ve seen emails she’s sent to people at 2AM in the middle of the week)

Recently with the committee voting 14-7 in May to resolve the issue at hand with the controversial entity – suddenly three electeds, Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines and Doug LaMalfa got involved. It is non-sensical – especially given the financial nexus – to not think that this was driven at least in a major part by Karen England.

And back we are to Senator LaMalfa on the airwaves attacking the Placer County Republican Party – complete with words like “embarrassment” and so forth.

In my opinion, LaMalfa was the embarrassment for going on the air and getting quoted in the local paper parroting Karen England’s talking points. Don’t get me wrong – LaMalfa is not a puppet of Karen England. There are plenty of people in his operation that want to get even with those of us in Placer GOP leadership and for reasons I will discuss later – they also want a piece of Tom McClintock.

It is not just as simple as the Placer CRA volunteer-led effort that denied LaMalfa a win in Placer County in the 2010 SD04 Primary. (despite his 16-point win district-wide)

Last Wednesday Night at the Central Committee meeting – LaMalfa sang a completely different tune. He was acting as a conciliator – even while glaring at your blogger from across the room.

But – LaMalfa never apologized for publicly attacking the Central Committee in his comments that night.

Even as LaMalfa was appealing for peace – his district staffer, Lisa Buescher was filming the meeting in clear violation of the rule established by the committee. (She pulled the same at the CRA convention as well)

Also of note – Karen England, the primary source of the current turmoil, was not at the meeting and neither was her top lieutenant. So while the elected officials arrived to try and steer a new course – no Karen England.

Senator Ted Gaines, who was also there – appeared to diverge from Senator LaMalfa a few times. I give Senator Gaines credit for wanting to resolve this can of worms that was re-opened by Senator Doug LaMalfa and Karen England.

Again, anecdotal evidence suggests that this matter was re-invigorated by Karen England who must have been feeling a loss of control when the Central Committee voted twice overwhelmingly to resolve the matter.

Ted Gaines, to his credit said one critical thing that Doug LaMalfa either refuses to acknowledge or deliberately omitted. Ted Gaines acknowledged that the overwhelming majority of the committee voted 15-8 to resolve the matter in June.

But – one crazed woman with media savvy and connections through her quasi-lobbying firm refuses to let go…

To be continued

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