Jul 052011

Let’s see – Number 50 for tax burden. Solution? more Government, higher taxes.

Number 49 in education (soon to be number 50) – and even with 50+% of state budget getting syphoned in to education, they are still slipping. Solution, more government, drive local districts in to insolvency so they can be taken over – as if the current state mandates that have taken 95% of local control away already weren’t enough.

Worst climate for business.

2nd Worst Climate for Insurance Rates. If you think that is going to improve with Dave Jones, think again. Jones will make us all beg for Garamendhi again – Jones hates insurance companies and he hates insurance brokers just as much.

I posted this little snippet on my work blog (Park Family Insurance Blog) and have re-linked it here as it is a rare case where work and politics cross.

This mess is brought to you by the Teacher’s Union and the SEIU – who pump hundreds of millions of your tax dollars that they extort from paychecks of workers in to the campaigns of far-left Democrats who may well have been raised in Cuba and China.

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