Apr 112011

Hours after misrepresenting the Modoc, Colusa and Western Nevada Delegations – they’ve done it again with the Murrieta Temecula RA and South Orange County RA delegations.

MTRA is sending 10 people who live in MTRA Territory – none are members of the Santa Clarita RA.

SOCRA is sending 4 people who live in SOCRA Territory – none are members of the Santa Clarita RA.

Once the decision was made to no longer tolerate allowing members to be delegates from clubs within whose boundaries they didn’t reside, each of the SCVRA delegates immediately withdrew their applications to be delegates from the clubs mentioned – (Peggy Mew must have missed the memo before forwarding the information to team England.)

Please notice that the CRA members who are supporting the Contract with the CRA are following the lead of Celeste Greig by stamping out ALL fraud and corruption, no matter who benefits from it.  We need your help.  Celeste would rather drop out or lose the election than win by fraud.  The CRA Truth e-mails are only highlighting discrepancies that Celeste Greig and the Contract with the CRA supporters have already prevented and disavowed.

By contrast, Karen England and her 90 Day Wonder Team of candidates have done nothing to stop the unprecedented fraud and deception perpetrated by her supporters.  They have publicly defended it and demanded that it be allowed, regardless of the CRA Bylaws. Her henchmen are even going to court in a pitiful attempt to get a judge to allow their fraud!

The choice has never been clearer.  Now is the time to take a principled stand, as the CRA Board has done, to demand an end to all of the cheating and corruption.  There is still time to hold an honest Convention with real delegates.  You can help!

George E Park, Jr.

Candidate for Membership Secretary on behalf of the Contract with the CRA

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