Apr 072011

Dear Activists, Delegates and Real CRA Members:

I have been a CRA Member continuously for 10+ years. I also have an irrefutable track record of service to CRA and making an impact in local elections. This is why I believe that I deserve your vote. 

My opponent, Ron Givens has needed to use the slander of surrogates to hide his embarrassment over his stances on Three Strikes, the Death Penalty and his upcoming tour of New Zealand to denounce our crime laws.


In 2004, as a Unit President – The Placer CRA led a successful effort to raise over $40,000 to oust liberals off of the Sierra College Board. The Placer CRA walked precincts by the dozen for CRA endorsed candidates – including Rico Oller and Karen England!

Despite the failures of Republican leadership in 2006 – Your Sgt stood in and fought for CRA endorsed Congressman John Doolittle, helping him survive a vicious smear campaign. I never left the Republican Party, I stood and fought – just like any CRA officer should do.

In 2010, the Placer CRA raised over $10K to defend our majority on the Placer Central Committee from a coordinated takeover effort. That same year – we helped topple several liberals in local office. Conservatives retook a majority on Sierra College Board, took a Majority on the Placer County Board of Education and made gains on two other School Boards.

There are scores of people in local office in Placer County – despite the failings of the National Republican Party – because the Placer CRA, your CRA Sgt at Arms and other CRA activists (including Tom Hudson and George Park) held the line while others abandoned ship.

Ron Givens has little or no heritage as a CRA member or a Republican – He joined CRA around 90 days ago, and the Republican Party 6 months ago  (9/21/2010). According to Sacramento County, he was a DTS as far back as 2004.

You do have a clear choice – and I offer you a track record of success as a CRA officer

Aaron F Park

Your CRA Sgt at Arms

Historical footnote: California’s Presidential Primary was 2/5/2008. According to historical references, “Operation Chaos” did not start until late Feb 2008. Therefore, it is impossible for someone who voted Democrat in California Primary (like Ron Givens did) in 2008 to have participated in “Operation Chaos”, which started weeks later. (reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rush_Limbaugh_Show)

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