Apr 032011

Just like Karen England threatened us with a letter from her lawyer, just like she spoke to the placer DA, the local media, other groups and the FBI to try and gain political advantage – she is doing it in the CRA.

This is an email George and I sent to the CRA members we have email addresses for:

After the CRA Board of Directors voted 31-15 to adopt the motion about delegate residency the predictable response came from Team England.

The Restore the CRA Legal Team kicked in to action.

Just like in Placer County, Karen England has taken to legal remedies in an attempt to impose her will.

When she was not voting for Pro-Choice, No on 8 Moderates for Placer County Republican Central Committee Office – she was trying her case in the local media.

On the website www.flashreport.com she had one of her allies air a paid legal opinion on behalf of one of her surrogates – trying her case in the local blogs.

We Warned You.

England who lives in our county, Placer, is a delegate from Yolo and she is complaining about ethical issues.

Are you confused?

Four other people running for CRA office do not live in the territory of the units they claim to represent. But, they appear willing to sue for that right.

We Warned You.

She has retained legal counsel to protect the “right” to distribute dozens of people from Northern California in to Southern California units.

Are You Confused?

Karen England seeks to represent the Conservative movement in California in between hiring lawyers to threaten Conservative Activists.

Are You Confused?

We also learned that she has gone to others in an attempt to suppress the evidence of past fraud in the CRA Convention process.

We Warned You.

We are now prepared for a visit from Hans Blix anytime wanting to inspect the delegation lists from CRA units. 

You Were Warned.

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