Apr 052011

Dear CRA Delegates and Members,

The future of CRA hinges on our ability to remain independent. That’s the real distinction in this race. There is a clear choice for CRA President before you; a longtime CRA activist and leader, unencumbered by Sacramento’s influence and ties to lobbyists.

I am and always have been independent and above outside political influence, which is imperative for an activist based organization. It is our duty as CRA members and conservatives, to maintain our objectivity, so we can hold our elected officials accountable for their votes and positions.

As your CRA President, I will continue to make the following my priorities:

Assure ALL CRA units are real and that delegates and members are locally based, in accordance with our CRA Bylaws and general good ethics.

Ensure CRA conventions and endorsements are not manipulated or bought. If candidates want our endorsement, let them earn it the good old fashion way…by being right on the issues and campaigning to our members.   

Increase fund raising, based on issues, aggressive funding of CRA Special Editions. Create CRA PAC’s instead of relying on outside PAC’s to use our name but not be accountable to our members.

 Continue the weekly CRA newsletter to members, supporters and political activists

 Create a greater CRA presence inside the California Republican Party.

 Concentrate on working with the California Young Republican Federation, the College Republicans, YAF and other conservative youth groups; to bring these young adults into CRA for long term growth and activism.

 Hold regional CRA forums to facilitate all members getting up to speed on CRA projects, even those who do not go to conventions-also to hear our members concerns.   

CRA deserves a Leader who is independent of outside influence. I look forward to working with all of you to move CRA forward.

I hope you’ll join the growing list of endorsements including, 46 CRA board members and 49 club presidents. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your continued support.

Celeste Greig
California Republican Assembly

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