Apr 032011

Restore the CRA and its’ figurehead, Karen England have taken to public forums to advertise a legal opinion about the Residency Rule for CRA Convention Delegates.

 The legal opinion was rendered by the Sutton Law firm.

 Take a closer look at the other folks who look to the Sutton Law Firm for guidance.


Gavin Newsome
Fiona Ma
Kamala Harris
Leland Yee

A who’s who of wacked-out liberals rely on the Sutton Law firm for guidance on how to run their affairs! And now their lawyer is who Restore the CRA called on to tell the CRA board of directors they were bad people for enforcing common sense.

This does not surprise us as Karen voted for No on 8 liberals for Placer County Republican Party office – so why not have a surrogate retain Gavin Newsome’s lawyer?

SD02 Director Norman Reece jumped in to the fray in his own email:

Am I missing something in all this back-and-forth about this vote on a delegate rule requiring delegates to actually live in the area of unit boundaries of which they are representing? This seems to me to be such a no-brainer that I have just been going to my computer from time to time hoping common sense would prevail.

By a vote of 31-15, the CRA board decided to adopt common sense.

Norman Continues:

I think the CRA is above what is acceptable with liberal California standards and should refrain from all appearance of evil by having only delegates who are truly representing the area of the chartered unit to which they are members. I ask again: Am I missing something in all of this???

The only response from Karen England and her team is to retain a lawyer – in this case, Gavin Newsome’s lawyer to tell us we’re wrong.

In Placer County, we have seen this before.

We warned you.

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