Mar 112011

The CRA – the oldest and largest truly Conservative Grassroots Organization is having their annual convention and this one is special.

We are electing officers. State CRA President Celeste Greig is running for re-election against a Consultant/Lobbyist challenger. Celeste and the Contract with the CRA are introducing activist endorsements and the Challenger is introducing Politician endorsements who can’t even vote for her at the upcoming convention.

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There is a website that lays out the vision for the California Republican Assembly, called the Contract with the CRA. The below is the Contract with the CRA itself:

We believe that the CRA endorsement is so prized because of its’ integrity. We also believe that the CRA has been an effective force over the years because of a commitment to principle that drives the passion of its’ members.

This is why the Contract with the CRA has been created.

We believe in a commitment to the integrity of the CRA endorsement and we pledge to:

1. Return Activists to the Control of the CRA
2. Charter and Maintain Activist-Driven CRA Units
3. Guard the integrity of the CRA endorsement – ensuring that the CRA endorsement is earned and not pre-ordained
4. Make recruiting new members the primary goal of the 2011-2013 term
5. With a healthy, growing CRA, our endorsement will be sought and prized as it has been since 1934.
6. We will accomplish the above while adhering to the CRA’s core values – the 14 Principles of the CRA
7. The Principles of the CRA are paramount and must be upheld in all of our operations
8. We believe in training new leaders

The Contract with the CRA represents the principle of restoring and continuing the California Republican Assembly as an activist led and run volunteer organization.  Only then can the CRA truly fulfill its destiny as the “Conscience of the Republican Party.”

The ability of the CRA to make an impact depends on the empowering the activist first, which leads to healthy units, which will lead to fundraising and candidate recruitment – in that order.

If you agree with our vision – join the Contract with the CRA and support our team for CRA office in the April Convention.

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