Mar 092011

It appears that the 667 Vote Lead Beth Gaines has over John Allard will stand up and Beth will faceoff against Dennis Campanelle in the Runoff.

Beth Gaines Announcement Regarding 4th Assembly District Election

Beth Gaines released the following statement regarding yesterday’s election:

“I am very pleased with the results from yesterday’s Special Election in our 4th Assembly District. I want to thank my campaign workers, volunteers and friends as well as the thousands of voters who have placed their faith in me. It was a hard fought election and I want to congratulate all of my opponents for running strong campaigns.

“Voters in our district sent a strong message of fiscal conservatism by giving the seven Republican candidates a combined 68% of the vote — 23 points more than Republican registration.

“I look forward to the May 3rd run-off election and to serving the people of our area in the Assembly, where I will work to bring fiscal discipline to state government, vigorously oppose tax increases and implement policies that help local businesses create jobs.”

  2 Responses to “AD-04 Update: Beth Gaines Statement”

  1. El Dorado county put her over the top. She stayed just close enough in Placer. It was a strategy that paid off. Will you support her now, Aaron?

  2. I’d rather drink poison than vote for a Democrat.

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