Feb 122011

The meeting was punctuated with multiple interruptions on a variety of issues by Karen England.

She is running for State CRA President and based on her behavior, thinks attacking the Placer CRA led Central Committee is furthering her campaign.

As a note – Cheryl Bly-Chester made repeated mentions of following election law as it related to something I am not sure of – but she was not a disruptive force in this meeting. She appeared to completely back away from earlier charges she made regarding a conspiracy as it pertained to the Jeff Allen vacancy.

Again, Karen England voted in lock step with the Moderates. (Despite her campaign for CRA President)

The first “Highlight” was when Karen England was publicly exposed as the source of the Complaint filed with the Placer DA’s office that precipitated our current FPPC audit. (It is the belief, despite her denials, the Karen is responsible fully or in part for the complaint filed with the DA’s office against the Central Committee)

She went berzerk – while she threatened to sue Placer County Republican Party Treasurer George Park multiple times – then started equivocating on her denial.

She swore once and screamed for at least five minutes – causing several on the committee to wonder why she was protesting her innocence so much. She had a couple of beers up to this point in the meeting and I am not sure if they were a factor in what transpired.

(Note that Karen England is executive director of a “family values lobbying firm”  – put in quotes because they (the CRI) disagree with our characterization of their organization)

The significance is that Karen has been attacking the integrity of several Central Committee Members for almost 18 months with no pushback.

This blogger has been able to determine that several local tea party leaders – including the three that were in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting are working closely with Karen in trying to take down the leadership.

They have no evidence – but  participate in frequent calls to the local media to try their case. They seem to think when a reporter calls or when they call a reporter that it is open season.

The second significant issue is that Karen England changed her story about the “FBI Investiagtion” in her tirade. I think she said “Officer O’Malley” – or something similar as she had previously refused requests for info on the agents she spoke to. Her story continued to get even more dramatic as she went in to details about the visit – but no details about what the Agents wanted.

The FBI could be investigating Capitol Resource Institute for all anyone knows as the story keeps evolving, no one knows where it will head next.

Third – the entire Central Committee now has copies of the Complaint that was filed. Karen England turned pale while these were being distributed, minutes before she erupted.

Her three friends in the various local Tea Parties continue to believe what she has told them despite mounting evidence that her slander campaign is nothing more than an attempt to destory political enemies.

We’ve yet to see any evidence any accusers have of corruption against us.

But – the FPPC audit and the complaint Karen is the alleged author of was based on anonymous blog comments. On the Red County Blog.

Almost on queue – Ed Fletcher from the Sacramento Bee made some phone calls on Thursday, the day after the meeting.

It has been Karen’s pattern to use her connections as a “lobbyist” to approach local media to try her case against the Placer CRA. She claims they call her not the other way around – it doesn’t really matter if her name continues to appear in the local papers, now does it?

With Republicans like Karen England, who needs Democrats?

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