Feb 092011

What do you do when you can’t even get more than 35% of the vote on your own Central Committee? You call third parties…

Cheryl Bly-Chester Announces Endorsement of Placer County Libertarian Party
The Placer County Libertarian Party, representing Libertarians in the largest county in Assembly District 4, has announced its endorsement of Cheryl Bly-Chester with the following statement:

Although there is no Libertarian running, in our opinion, Cheryl Bly-Chester stands above the other candidates when it comes to having demonstrated in her life’s work an understanding of the proper, limited role of government – particularly with regard to our private property and natural resources.

As a business owner in the environmental engineering field, and as a pro-property rights member of several state boards, Cheryl Bly-Chester has consistently fought the intrusive regulatory burdens that have stymied our local economy.  Cheryl Bly-Chester has even written her doctoral dissertation on reining in these state boards.  These actions demonstrate a commitment to protecting the property owner in a time when the very concept of private property needs knowledgeable and tenacious defenders.

Cheryl Bly-Chester also stands for real tax reform including support for a better, more fair tax system that will free our economy.

We also note that – others’ ballot designations notwithstanding – Cheryl Bly-Chester is the real free enterprise business owner in this candidate field, having built her own engineering business from the ground up.  This experience will no doubt guide her tenure as a pro-free market legislator.

In a district whose economy relies on the efficient private stewardship of private property and natural resources, no other candidate running is more knowledgeable and better prepared to defend our freedoms and grow our economy than Cheryl Bly-Chester. 

While there is no “true” Libertarian running, we believe this endorsement can serve as a guide to those who cherish freedom.
Statement of Placer County Libertarian Party, Roberto Leibman

  One Response to “Moderate Republican Cheryl Bly-Chester Endorsed by Libertarian Party”

  1. Damn i heard her on the radio twice now and she’s like the Anti-Janet Incompetano. You listen to her for a few minutes and you can tell whatever jobs she ever got it was because she was the BEST candidate for the job – no affirmative action/gender equality hires in her background….i’m not sure how conservative she is but i would have to vote for her just on competency and merit alone and hopefully there is higher office in her future because she’d make a damn good governor for the state of California – so much better than the idiot “moonbeam” or the last two morons we had…

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