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Blogger’s Note: Please note that this was written by a leader in the ElDorado Tea Party Movement

UPDATE: For clarification, the news release was sent out under the banner of COMPAS – Citizens Organized to Monitor Protect And Serve.  I am NOT a spokesperson for the Tea Party or any other organization other than COMPAS

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Tuesday evening over 400 Tea Party participants got more than an earful when they gathered at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds to meet the candidates for Assembly District #4.  They were introduced by conservative talk show host Eric Hogue who provided info on the hottest issues at the Capitol.  Also on the agenda that evening was a relevant presentation, “How Is Your Ox Gored?” plus recruitment for accountability Watchdog Teams.  

Apparently candidate Beth Gaines is turning a blind eye and deaf ear to citizens who demand accountability.

Cheryl Bly-Chester and John Allard appeared to be the obvious forerunners in the Republican race for Assembly. Both candidates have the experience and qualifications needed to best serve citizens in District #4. It’s going to be a tough choice.

Cheryl clearly grasped the issues made during the presentation “How Is Your Ox Gored?” and supported the recruitment for Watchdogs to hold elected officials accountable. She’s obviously an intelligent and savvy woman who seized upon the opportunity to demonstrate her expertise about the important issues of water, accountability, and Brown Act violations.

John Allard should be applauded for having the chutzpah to do what’s right instead of what’s politically correct. He is well respected for his faith and values as demonstrated by filing the suit challenging Beth’s Gaines’ ballot status as “small business woman.”

At last month’s Tea Party Patriots of El Dorado Hills meeting the topic was “Hold Their Feet to the Fire.” Supervisor John Knight, Ted & Beth Gaines, and Representative Norm Gonzales from Tom McClintock’s office were present when we were challenged to hold every elected official accountable. This Tea Party Watchdog ran with the ball.

Compromising integrity for political gain is a serious character issue. Now that it’s time to play Truth or Consequences the rules suddenly don’t seem to apply to the Gaines’ family. What an inconvenient truth. The question is who–or what exactly–influenced the judge to throw out John Allard’s ballot suit as “frivolous and untimely?”

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  1. My understanding from the article I read about it is that the lawsuit was thrown out, not on merit, but on timing.

  2. Yes, you are correct placergop-er. But Aaron is being partisan. He is an Allard man. So he is now giving props to Chester-Bly, about whom he usually never has anything nice to say. Is it because he fears Beth Gaines? He’s being awfully nasty to her. Better watch out, Aaron – Ted’s not going to like how you’re talking about his wife! Ah, the minefield that is Placer Republican politics!

  3. AVM – the above post was written by someone else and reposted here. I 100% disagree with the comments about Cheryl – based on personal interactions with her for months on the Cent Com. I post stuff I disagree with frequently. I have not gotten a release from Beth in a while… send one over and I will post it!

    Yes- I am an Allard Man. My Brother is with Beth.

    However, I challenge you to read words I have written about Beth and ask yourself if they are Nasty.

    Interestingly enough both Beth and Ted understand that I am not being my “usual” self as I spoke with both of them breifly (while giving Beth contact info for my wife) today at an insurance function…

  4. “Better watch out, Aaron – Ted’s not going to like how you’re talking about his wife!”

    Sounds an awful lot like a threat from an anonymous personality that a lot of people believe is directly related to the Gaines machine. Anyone surprised?

  5. I agree with Melody’s assessment of the event. It’s interesting that the GOP “machine” is on board with Beth, but GOP and independent voters have lots of questions for Beth going unanswered. Beth’s handlers are not the most friendly people out there and are not doing her any favors — probably losing her many votes.

    Haven’t seen that with Allard or his people. So far I’m impressed with Allard.

  6. For clarification, the news release was sent out under the banner of COMPAS – Citizens Organized to Monitor Protect And Serve. I am NOT a spokesperson for the Tea Party or any other organization other than COMPAS.

    This unfortunate twist was a result of the Mtn. Democrat not honoring my request to keep the tag line exactly as I submitted it: WATCHDOGS SPEAK UP.

  7. Just the facts, please. This was the original letter submitted to the Mtn. Democrat that was twisted by the Editor/Publisher:

    Watchdogs Speak Up

    Dear Editor:

    Clean hands, pure hearts…

    Integrity and accountability are primary considerations in choosing the best candidate to represent the voice of the people. All the dirt will eventually come out in the wash. Until then, “we the people” must hold ALL candidates’ feet to the fire.

    Beth Gaines was one of the 5 candidates for Assembly who attended the EDC Republican Women Federated luncheon on Monday. Beth’s reply to the question about her “business woman” status on the ballot was very revealing. She seized the opportunity to discredit her opponent for filing a “frivolous and untimely” lawsuit. Did I mention Mr. Allard wasn’t present to defend himself? Turns out he wasn’t invited in a timely fashion.

    Another question related to “Whoever controls the water, controls the people…” was a real eye opener. Apparently you don’t have to be a guy to be part of the “Good Old Boys” club.

    Equally revealing were the list of endorsements Mrs. Gaines listed at Tuesday night’s Tea Party in the Hills. They were the same elected officials that El Dorado County Watchdogs want most to hold accountable!

  8. @Tim – even at that, the threat is misguided. While I am not supporting Beth, there is nothing to be gained from torching another conservative…

  9. Wow, scorched earth. Is AVM Barbara Alby?

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