Feb 032011

Rob Matthews has his bus.
John Allard has the lead.
Beth Gaines has a lawsuit.
Cheryl Bly-Chester has cable…

… and we have a campaign.

February 3, 2011
Contact: blychester@gmail.com

Cheryl Bly-Chester Launches Cable TV Campaign To Supplement Radio Ads

Cheryl Bly-Chester announced today that she has launched an aggressive district-wide cable tv ad campaign, focused on her experience as a small business owner working in the 4th district’s key local industries.

“I want to keep this campaign focused on improving the economy of our 4th district communities – and all of California,” said Bly-Chester.

You can view the ad at www.vote4cheryl.org

TEXT: AD:30 “Work”

I’m Cheryl Bly-Chester. I’m a small business owner with 35 years experience working in our key local industries. I know how to get our local economy moving again.  After being laid off in a merger, I started my own company, while raising three children as a single mom. I understand the pressures that many of you face worrying about job security, and your families.  I refuse to leave our children a legacy of crushing debt and failed schools. I’m a business owner – with real-world experience. Let’s get California back to work.

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