Feb 072011

When I say too much – I mean at least 2,000 words packed in to an 8 1/2 X 11 double-sided page.

The back page has the most memorable quote I have ever seen on a campaign flyer… and it has been about 13 years in this game.

Cheryl highlights her campaign for Governor in the Recall Election of 2003 – but then goes to a place that is well… you read…

“It was my outrage at California’s unjust, confusing, and conflicting regulatory processes that brought me in to politics. Along the lines of the later Tea Party Movement, I felt the calling to defend citizens’ rights and property protection. I ran for Governor in the recall election with the slogan, “If the state does not elect me governor then whoever is governor will have to hire me to fix the state!” Apparently agreeing, Governor Schwarzenegger appointed me to the flood protection Reclamation Board when he replaced all members…

As  long time member of the Placer County Republican Central Committee – I have heard some bizarre statements. This is number one.

Her flyer mentions her affiliation with the Central Committee multiple times. I knid of feel like I am a part of building someone’s resume rather than attempting to serve the Republican voters in this county.

Cheryl is running for Assembly and another member of the Central Committee thinks she can single-handedly recessitate the Conservative Movement in California.

… and I have a front row seat to the whole thing.

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