Jan 182011

During the contentious organizational meeting on Wed 1/12/2011 the commitee voted the postpose the matter of the lease renewal until February.

The current lease on the HQ expires on 1/31.

This means as of 2/1/2011, the Placer County Republican Party will no longer have a headquarters – the first time in six years that will be the case.

The Headquarters is now occupied by the Allard for Assembly Campaign and no further meetings will be held there. The issue brought up by some was one of favoritism – so look for the Central Committee to avoid playing favorites in Restaurant meeting rooms and office conference rooms in the coming months.

In addition – with the tabling/postponing motion – the Chairman has no power to re-negotiate a lease.

File this under the law of unintended consequences – unless it was the intended consequence of those that made an issue of the lease.

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