Jan 202011

When she isn’t busy filing complaints against political enemies or calling the Sacramento Bee in attempts to get stories written – Cheryl Bly-Chester announced a media buy that was run by her friends in the Sacramento Bee a few hours before her email came out about it.

Click here to see the capitol alert.

The entire text of her campaign email is here:

Cheryl Bly-Chester’s campaign for Assembly announced today it has launched a district-wide, four-week radio campaign highlighting Bly-Chester’s experience as a businesswoman in the regional economy.  You can hear the ads here.

I am sure her ads will make no mention of the slander she is perpretrating against other central committee members or the obsessive rampage she has engaged in to get even.

I’d also imagine that her “Socially Libertatian” positions will not be highlighted either.

Cheryl was also endorsed in her run for Republican Central Committee by both Ken Campbell and Karen England.

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