Dec 142010

Apparently, Ken Campbell has a following? At least, if I use Ken Campbell’s logic on Red County, I could easily blame him for the attached letter that came to our office today.

The letter was a photocopy – suggesting that more were sent out (most likely to the Central Committee Members)…

It starts out with “Ode to the Park Brothers…”

The most notable quote is:

“… You act like leaders, but you’re just two lonely pu–ies. ”

It ends with “We will prevail”

So, it leads me to one of three conclusions as to who the author is.

1. It is Ken Campbell. I’d have to use the same logic Ken used to blame me for some hijinks in the Prmairy in reverse. If you read the Red County Blog, Mr. Campbell resumed his Jihad and reverse road-to-damascus experience last week. The timing of this letter’s appearance makes you wonder.

2. It is a staff member of an elected that does not like me very much. (see also Doug LaMalfa) While I am aware of some post-primary retribution going on – it has all been really mild and anything on this level would be out of character for Senator LaMalfa. (Now, some of his staff? who knows…) It would seem to me that LaMalfa would want to let sleeping pitbulls lie.

3. It is is someone who is insane, a fringe element of the local Tea Party. There have been blogs and emails attempting to pit the Tea Party against the Placer CRA, but the rank and file Tea Party are aligned with the CRA.

If the goal of the author is to foster in-fighting on the Central Committee, it will backfire.

As to the letter itself, I am disappointed that it wasn’t written in Crayon or cut out of a magazine.

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  1. Did you want me to write you a letter in crayon – let me get my helmet and I’ll start now lololol – You really know who it is… Really Aaron come on don’t be shy??? Give me a J and give me an M???? I’m just saying???

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