Nov 152010

Eric Hogue – the local Political Talk radio host is out. He had made some waves in 2007 when Ted Gaines had his brief campaign for Congress going.

People kept bringing his name up as his campaign account and website are still live. Hogue confirmed in a text message that he is “out”.

Scott Yuill – within the last hour I also received information that Scott Yuill is not going to run for Assembly. The source is impeccable and reliable.

In addition – it does appear that the campaign of the Reverend Karen England is at least as serious as her Lt. Governor campaign as a few sources have confirmed “activity” from her camp.

Nutting and Briggs have made several phone calls and it remains to be seen if either El Dorado County Supervisor are going to take the plunge.

  One Response to “AD-04 Update: Yuill Out / Hogue Out”

  1. I wish Hogue would run – I think he could win. I’ve also heard that Kirk Uhler might run for the seat, however, he has been so controversial of late with a lot of negative publiclity and I think it would hurt his chances. We really have a dearth of qualified, capabe GOP candidates. John Allard makes my skin crawl, he is such a weasel. He’s so phony and calculating, not to mention a coward. He doesn’t even deserve to be on the Roseville city council. He’s just a self-promoting buffoon.

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