Sep 162010

Ted is not a complicated Candidate.

He is consistently rated amongst the most Conservative legislators in the Assembly. His CRA Scores are about 10% higher than those of Roger Niello consistently.

He was endorsed by Howard Jarvis (an endorsement that was devastating against Steve Poizner in favor of Meg Whitman) and Lew Uhler’s National Tax Limitation Committee. In addition – he voted against the Feb 2009 Budget and all of its’ parts… giving us the brightest contrast between the two candidates there is.

Both are Pro-Life. But as Barbara Alby pointed out in the debate, she said Niello refused to support her for something because she was Pro-Life. Whether Alby was correct or not – the evidence of Niello’s choices of Republican candidates to support show a litany of Pro-Choice moderates.

Gaines endorsed Tom McClintock and endorses pro-life Conservatives for local office consistently. There was no Pro-Life option for Governor that was viable, so Gaines opted for the most Conservative person running – Steve Poizner.

If Roger Niello is the effective insider – and he is pointing his finger at Ted for taking per-diem payments as Gaines’ Assembly District is about 4 times larger in surface area. Gaines can easily claim to be the outsider in the race as his roots are in Roseville for generations – not Sacramento.

Ted Gaines’ friends are all over Northern California – not concentrated in the Capitol Area.

Ted Gaines is a man of average means – Roger Niello is wealthy.

Ted Gaines is happry to be “restricted” by the “No New Taxes Pledge”. And the organization whose pledge that is says that Ted Gaines has kept his promise. Roger Niello, on the other hand, will not take it because he needs to keep his options open.

Therein lies the difference in philosophy. Ted Gaines – the outsider who has principles and values he chooses to plant a flag behind and Roger Niello – the dealmaker and effective representative.

And that folks is the summary in a sentence.

Ted Gaines is not a perfect man – no one is, but his results are clear in his voting record. He has kept his promise of No New Taxes, has earned A ratings from Jarvis, the NRA, the CRA and the like and Roger Niello’s scorecards are all over the board.

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