Sep 142010

Even when attacking Ted Gaines over AB1422 – you could see the overriding theme.

I am Roger Niello – I am effective. Ted Gaines is not.

Roger Niello’s explanation of why he refuses to sign the “No New Taxes Pledge” borders on arrogance when he talks about not wanting to be tied down by making such a committment as it would limit his effectiveness. As an Assemblymember it is almost that Niello is proud that he did not have to lie to raise taxes.

“I raised your taxes because I cut a deal that Ted Gaines voted no on the entire way” – said Roger Niello in so many words in both appearances. His literature and supporters cite SB2xxx, SB4xxx and God-knows-whatever-else xxx that were “reforms” that were purchased with the largest tax increase in state history.

I guess Ted Gaines was supposed to oppose that budget – then vote yes on all the trailer bills? I lit Doug LaMalfa up for doing something similar on the 2007 budget – but LaMalfa’s votes did not implement a tax increase. Gaines did not vote yes on any of the trailer bills from the Feb 2009 budget – and Howard Jarvis has recognized Gaines with both an endorsement and an “A” rating.

Roger Niello would have you believe that just being a “No” vote means nothing – Doug LaMalfa was criticized for being the same thing. LaMalfa destroyed his opponent by 16 points.

Roger Niello spoke about Sacramento for a large part of the time when he spoke at the BBQ and again the following night at the debate.

Rick Keene – Doug LaMalfa’s opponent in the SD-04 primary carried a similar message (sans tax increase vote) and was returned to sender.

The bottom line – Roger Niello is a Millionaire with a well-known business who is criticizing an average guy for taking per-diem.

Roger Niello tells people about all the money he has raised for the GOP (while failing to mention that he boycotted the Placer GOP because we dare to make endorsements).

Roger Niello tells you about the deals he makes in Sacramento.

Roger Niello tells you that he carries the legacy of Dave Cox.

The deals, the legacy and the fundraising all amounted to the largest tax increase in state history.

… and I believe that message will get returned to sender just like in the previous SD-04 Primary.

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