Sep 132010

Roger Niello made comments – in fact forceful comments that “I am not done” and “I have so much more to do”. He did so when explaining why he is running for State Senate.

Normally, people would hear such comments and assign the words huburis or assume that the person saying those comments feels a sense of entitlement to the office they are seeking.

(When you couple this with his dogged belittling of the No New Taxes Pledge and the “restrictions” such a pledge places on your ability to govern – you take pause.)

Roger Niello is a really nice guy… everyone likes Roger Niello – but please consider the following:

I spoke with Roger Niello several weeks ago – about a week after Senator Dave Cox passed away. I could hear in Roger Niello’s voice that he was still shaken by Cox’ passing.

As Roger explained, Dave Cox and Roger Niello were like brothers. They and Doug Ose went back years… they were all there for each other.

It has been like a political dynasty – local government to supervisor. First Cox, then Roger Niello… then to Assembly, first Cox then Roger Niello.

Now the progressions’ next step is for Roger Niello to follow Dave Cox.

Is Roger Niello acting like he has an entitlement to the State Senate seat vacated by the passing of Dave Cox? I can’t speculate on that – I am not Roger Niello and I don’t know his thoughts… however, it is a fair assessment to take note of the fact that at the debate, Roger Niello envoked the name of Dave Cox and the legacy of Dave Cox multiple times.

In this election cycle of the angry voter – incumbents are an endangered species and it seems that Roger Niello is making himself look like an incumbent and a political insider by envoking the Dave Cox legacy – even more so with the frequency he does it with.

So the question is – will the Dave Cox legacy and Roger Niello’s use of it hurt or help?

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