Sep 122010

In Part 2, we detailed how a 2.35% Premium Tax (that Niello also voted yes on) extension was supposed to offset supporting the largest increase in state history.

How large?

Every income tax rate was hiked.
The base state sales tax rate was raised to 8.25% – the highest in the nation.
The Dependent Tax Credit was slashed – a direct hit to the poor and middle class.
The Car Tax was doubled – another direct hit to the poor and middle class.

For what? The deficit is still $20billion as the “reforms” the budget contained did very little to stem the red tape.

Roger Niello is going to take a page out of Doug Ose’s playbook – he is going after the Per Diem issue.

Let’s see – Dave Cox took per diem.
Ted Gaines has six children.
Ted Gaines is a man of average means – Roger Niello is Wealthy.
If you don’t take per diem – the money goes back in to the general fund to be spent on whatever.

Oh, and Ted Gaines paid income tax on his per-diem, so at least Niello won’t be able to run around like Doug Ose did when he screamed (to voters that didn’t care) that Tom McClintock was Felon. (he claimed tax evasion)

It’s kind of like a rich dude railing on an average guy for taking his benefits through work.

Equally absurd is the “anaylsis” of Ted’s record as a county supervisor. I am sure Niello’s record as a Sac County Supervisor is pretty similar with fee increases and the like.

But, there is a major difference – Placer’s population grew substantially during the time Niello says the County Budget doubled.

Maybe Niello should talk to Bruce Kranz about the County Budget – as Bruce is endorsing Niello.

But the biggest question Niello walks in to – is why does everyone from his county want to move to Ted’s County?

The Per-Diem attack highlights Niello’s wealth.

The Supervisor attack highlights what a great place Placer County is to live in.

Is Niello leading with his chin – or is he low on ammo? In either event – Niello through his own actions has branded Ted Gaines the front-runner in the SD-01 race.

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